Fire Extinguisher for Car


The following information about fire extinguisher for car. Various circumstances such as small fires occur in the area of car engines that are not well maintained or the occurrence of an accident. Fires can occur at any time, but very dangerous once when no adequate security facilities to put out the fire. There are actually many benefits of fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher for Car
What is the best fire extinguisher for a car?

It’s been our duty to set up all the equipment security to prevent the occurrence of fire in your private vehicle. Generally, any private vehicle have to prepare fire extinguisher for car size 1 kg. It can be placed in various hidden corners and is easy to reach in the car.

Besides to private vehicles, small vehicles such as Buses have to prepared multi purpose fire extinguishers. The engine fires often occur and can be easily turned off with fire extinguishers.

How to install fire extinguisher for car?

However, you obliged to always be careful in putting the fire extinguisher on a car. Make sure you put it in a place that is very affordable so easily take it and use it.

Also, the position put fire extinguisher for car also not to be vain, make sure the location is in the shade. For example, put it under the dashboard, it aims to avoid the fire extinguisher from the blazing sun directly.

Safety procedure for fire extinguisher for car

There are several locations for security put this fire extinguisher for car. So, as not exposed to direct sunlight and bursting them is under the car seats either the front or rear seat upholstery. Also, it incorporated into the drawer front part of the car, or It could place on the inside of the rear section of the car door. The location is secure and not exposed to direct sunlight is also very easy to reach.

Factor in the cause Of the fire

Here are a variety of factors that can lead to the occurrence of the fire on the vehicle:

1. Every cable has its own size and it certainly has its own purpose and function. If you perform maintenance vehicle the cable should replace the same size. The result of the use of different cables from the original may cause cable be flammable and make the fire spread to various parts of the vehicle.

2. Cable care is very important to avoid the occurrence of small fires on vehicles. The cable replaced by cable should be chipped.

3. Gasoline hose can be one of the factors the causes of fire on the vehicle. Try to always do the treatment in various sectors in your vehicle.

4. Preferably on a car that has a carburetor do not use a water filter. Generally, the air from gasoline will penetrate and pass through a small area of the air filter box. Then, if there is a cable that rubs together will cause the rise of fire faster. Replacement vehicle oil regularly is one of the efforts to prevent the emergence of a fire on the vehicle.