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Fire extinguisher codes & colours – Fire extinguishers Leeds Lyric

The different types of fire extinguishers. See a quick and easy to follow visual chart here >> This article will go through the various types of fire extinguisher, how they operate and the types of fire that they are designed to be used on.
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Fire Extinguisher Colours – Builders Test Lyric

Whether it’s in the home, in public or in the workplace, fire safety should never be underestimated. However, while many of us may feel confident about the basics of staying safe in the event of a fire, few know the importance of identifying the different fire extinguisher colours.
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UK Fire Safety Regulations – Lyric

We are looking into fire extinguisher testing regimes for those placed in work vehicles. As the work vehicle is defined as a workplace, does the RRO covering fire protection of fire extinguishers have to be applied as per buildings i.e. annual inspection/test regime by competent engineer or will a visual inspection suffice to be compliant ?
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Fire Extinguishers – Classes, Colour Coding, Rating Lyric

The Fire Safety Advice Centre Not using the above colour coding means the fire extinguisher does not conform to the British standard and …
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Types of Fire Extinguishers – Colours, Signage & Fire … Lyric

All the information you need on different types of fire extinguishers, the colours of fire extinguishers, fire signage and fire classification.
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