Fire extinguisher colours

Fire extinguisher colours
International fire extinguisher colours

Various fire extinguisher colours code used in Europe, Australia and United States. There are also variants in each geographical location. For example, some older fire extinguisher still uses different color codes. Various types of fire extinguisher to put out the fire started with a different type of fuel-this called the ‘ class ‘ of fire. Fire risk from different classes of fire in place of your business will determine what kind of fire you need.

Fire extinguisher colours coding change in 1997 in Europe since the introduction of BS EN 3. Before BS EN 3 solid colors, but method BS EN 3 using colored bands as a replacement. The entire yellow halon extinguisher against the law to use. The difference to this is when the essential use exemption has granted. There is no official standard in the United States for the color of the fire service.

Fire extinguisher colours and types

Having said that, they usually use a color code of geometric shapes. Also, pictograms showing the range of fire extinguisher approved for use for. Given the many variants of color – the color of the Fire extinguisher. The following are the most popular Convention for modern-day firefighter color in each geographic area.

Fire extinguishers BS EN3 meetings produced with the red body. Also, it has a second color band covering between 5-10% from the surface with regard to the contents of the extinguisher. Each type of extinguisher agents have the appropriate color makes identification easy for users.

Fire extinguisher colours in Europe

Red for Water fire extinguisher
Cream for Foam fire extinguisher
Blue for Powder fire extinguisher
Black for Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher
Canary Yellow for Wet Chemical fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher colours in Australia

Water fire extinguisher – solid red
Foam fire extinguisher – red with blue band or label
Powder fire extinguisher – red with a white band or label

Fire colors in the United States

Green for Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles
Red for Class B: Flammable liquids and gases
Blue for Class C: Energized electrical equipment
Yellow for Class D: Combustible metals
Black for Class K: Oils and fat

When selecting the unit to suit certain situations. The fire extinguisher colours designed to make various types of extinguishers easy to identify. It is a shame that there is no global standard for fire service color coded. But like most things, it’s very difficult to maintain consistency across the world. This is primarily due to historical reasons.

So, the fire extinguisher colours code shown above is a great guide. Also, there are similarities between the various countries and continents that makes it easier to learn them.

Another type of fire extinguisher

Wheeled fire extinguisher also accessible, which has a larger capacity, volume, flow rate, range, and release time. This fire extinguisher also available with polished aluminum, stainless steel, and silver finish. This is ideal for local needs good hygiene standards, has the risk of corrosion, or want to maintain their aesthetically pleasing interiors.