Fire Extinguisher ABC Type

fire extinguisher abc
Fire extinguisher ABC meaning

Generally, fire extinguishers that come in several different types, depending on the fire they were able to overcome. Fire extinguisher AB works for types A and B. Fire extinguisher ABC is one that certified for all three types of fires. Fires categorized according to the material to burn. That’s because different types of fires need different methods for placing them.

Fire extinguisher ABC type

Some fires can actually spread or exacerbated by the methods used to issue other types. For example, you should never pour water on a fire in oil, like that can really move the burning oil to another location. Do not use water for electrical fires, since there is a risk of electrocution. A lot of fire extinguisher ABC certified for this type of fire and type B fires. Also, it can put out class C fires.

The majority of fire extinguisher ABC is the dry chemical type. The most common contains ammonium phosphate. Be careful using this type of extinguisher-rough and potentially corrosive. That means that the chemicals in dry can damage some metals such as aluminum. This is why this type of extinguisher is not used on the electronic device unless there are no other fire extinguishers available.

When you use fire extinguisher ABC, the first step is to make sure that other people will be aware of the fire. Let people know in the same building before you try to tackle the fire by yourself. Being certain that your head is clear of smoke and fumes, the cause of up to 69% of fire-related deaths. Also, be sure you know how to use the fire extinguisher before attempting to extinguish the fire. Check the type of fire you must make sure that it was right to fire extinguisher on hand. Never let the flames get between you and the way out of the room.

How does fire extinguisher ABC works?

Once you know that everyone has told, and you’re safe, you can use the fire extinguisher ABC. Just trying to extinguish small fires that getting started. Remember that you can always leave the area if the extinguisher runs out or you are not sure about trying to put out the fire themselves. Don’t tempt to walk or stand in the area where you’ve put out the fire because it might reignite.

Using the right type of fire extinguisher is very important when you have to deal with the fire. Decide what kind of fire you have to put it out, and use a fire extinguisher ABC fire or other models to help you deal with the fire. Always follow safety and use instructions printed on the outside of the container.

This type of Extinguisher have to found in the garage, factory, workplace, and anywhere you may be experiencing a fire. Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your fire extinguisher ABC functioning correctly. Always as secure as possible surrounding the fire. That means using the appropriate firefighting, making sure it charged correctly and use it safely.