Euphoria Longana Health Benefits


What is the Euphoria Longana health benefits? Though small, Euphoria Longana(longan) has many tremendous benefits for the health of the body. The longan fruit also much favored because it has the flavor that is sweet and delicious. The Euphoria Longana often referred to as “lychee fruit brother” because of the shape, size, and taste like lychee fruit. The striking difference is only in the color and texture of his skin. The longan fruit has brown skin color with a smoother texture. Check out the Euphoria Longana health benefits below.

euphoria longana health benefits
Health benefits of Euphoria Longana

Euphoria Longana health benefits

1. Rich in vitamin C

Euphoria Longana fruit contains vitamin C as 84 milligrams per 3.5 ounces. This number is 93 percent of the daily vitamin C intake a man. Also, it is more than 100 percent of the daily needs of women.

2. Strengthen bones

A study published in the “Maturity” reported if menopausal women will experiencing osteoporosis. Ideally, adults must meet the needs of copper intake as much as 900 micrograms per day.

Therefore, it recommended to consumes Euphoria Longana fruit about 3.5 ounces a day. This means that eating Euphoria Longana fruit is able to meet the needs of nearly 90 percent of the copper number of nutritional adequacy per day.

3. Good for the eyes

Riboflavin is a type of essential vitamins that are part of the vitamin B complex. A man needs to intake of this vitamin is 1.3 mg per day, while women are 1.1 mg. According to a study published in 2005, do not consume adequate amounts of riboflavin can increase eye disorders. It particularly the risk of cataracts. Whereas with consuming 3.5 ounces of dried Euphoria Longana can meet the needs of your intake of riboflavin as much as 38 percent for men. Also, 45 percent for women based on the nutritional adequacy of numbers per day.

4. Euphoria Longana health benefits for beauty

Eating the Euphoria Longana fruit can make the skin more glowing and sweet. Even for the people of China, taking Euphoria Longana is not only good for the skin but also used as a powerful remedy in sexual intercourse.

5. Helpful diet program

Euphoria Longana fruit contains fat and protein relatively low. Therefore, You can make this fruit as diet food menu. Half cup Euphoria Longana contains only 35 calories so it’s recommended for you who live a low-calorie diet program.

6. Energy sources

Even though Euphoria Longana has the fat content and calories low enough. However, Euphoria Longana fruit contains plenty of complex carbohydrates. This makes the body get enough carbohydrates, so it increases stamina.

7. To heal the wound

Euphoria Longana health benefits can help heal wounds quickly. This because Euphoria Longana fruit contains polyphenols like cermai fruit. The polyphenols can help ward off the attack of free radicals in the body. Also, it is able to prevent damage to cells in the body.

8. Reduce stress

Other Euphoria Longana health benefits to reduce stress, because it contains the antidepressant like Cananga essential oil. Therefore, consuming Euphoria Longana able to give effect to the calmness of nerves. Also, it prevents the occurrence of an excessive sense of tired and to avoid the problem of insomnia.