Engine Fire Suppression System

engine fire suppression system
Engine bay fire suppression system

A fire in the engine compartment of your vehicle can cause a lot of damage and thus costs. The cost to replace damaged equipment, but also the expenses due to the inability of the operations. Engine fire suppression system can save you a lot of damage. Then, the fire spread in a vehicle means danger to the passengers and it is not acceptable in high-risk areas like mine.

Engine fire suppression system advantages

1. Instant response
Engine fire suppression system designed to detect fire engine immediately started. Before it has a chance to spread. The engine equipped with detection tubes attached to a cylinder containing suitable foam, or gas, and then pressurized. If the flame touches the tubing-or reach a temperature threshold. It will release the extinguishant to the source of the fire.

2. Cut the damage
Because engine room fire suppression system is so quick to respond to fires, usually leaving the engine damaged. It is requiring only replacement component is simple to get the vehicle back up and running. Because the fire never got past the engine compartment, it means there is no damage to areas of the cabin, which means the driver and belongings safe.

3. Strong
Engine fire suppression system was among the most reliable in the market today. Because of the unique design requires a small of mechanical parts and do not even need electricity. This made maintenance simple and cut the potential errors.

4. Reduce cost

Compared with the potential losses and more costs of losing a vehicle to fire. Engine fire suppression system is a very effective option. The simplicity of the design means that the installation of an engine fire suppression system very affordable. Especially when compared to more complex electronic-based systems.

5. Ready
There are many different kinds of vehicles different depending on the detail or year of manufacture. However, engine fire suppression system much easier to adapt to different compartment sizes and designs. The only items that need to accommodate are the tube that holds the fire extinguishant. But this is only a relatively small and can place in a comfortable position.

The detection tubes are flexible and which discharge pipework required it is also very compact. A typical installation doesn’t involve any welding and all parts can be located away from areas that require routine maintenance access.

Engine fire suppression system work

The fire has the potential to occur in almost every type of engine from under the machine pool fire to the hydraulic line. The engine compartment contains a variety of potential sources of ignition from electricity. Also, agents of repression the engine compartment must capable of handling with the emphasis in turbulent conditions.

A combination of two sprays with one agency strengthens the ability of the engine fire suppression system components more effective. Together with the sophisticated system components and fire detection system suppression fire is very advanced. Engine fire suppression system designed as a compact, self-contained system, stored energy. As most vehicles have limited storage space and capacity, the system designed to minimize the installation equipment.