End Stage COPD Symptoms

end stage copd symptoms
End stage COPD symptoms

End stage COPD symptoms are the last phase in which the patient’s condition became very bad. Due to the limitation of the weight of the air flow in the lungs, normal, everyday activities affected patients; their quality of life, therefore, went on a decline

The end stage COPD symptoms

Patients are suffering from chronic respiratory failure. Conditions worsen chronic respiratory failure patients, as this causes problems such as Cor pulmonale. Blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs increases and leads to a condition named Cor pulmonale. Then, life prospect depends on the severity of the disease. The severity calculated using the ratio of FEV1 FVC.

In General, it can say that their life expectancy on the severe stage would be much lower than in the stages of mild and moderate. However, there are many factors can affect the life prospect of patients COPD. They include Smoking, heart disease, malnutrition and other medical conditions such as kidney failure. According to a 2009 study, smoking is one of the factors that can affect a patient’s COPD life prospect for most.

Worsening Of COPD

COPD usually accomplished due to smoking, exposure to irritants, etc. The cause of similar causes the worsening of the condition. It observed that exposure to air pollution or poisons, smoking, do not respond to medication therapy, etc., can lead to COPD worsening. Contracting bacterial or viral infections such as colds or the flu, pneumonia or bronchitis can also aggravate the condition.

Treatment for the end stage COPD symptoms

As shortness of breath or difficulty breathing is one of the end stage COPD symptoms, treatment methods that use to make breathing easier for patients. Primary treatment includes the use of corticosteroids and sympathomimetic. They decrease the infection in the lungs and make air flow smoothly.

Second, oxygen therapy that used on a large scale to improve the quantity of oxygen in the blood of the patient. When the medicine proved able to improve breathing, the doctor may prescribe a standardized method to make breathing easier. Using a ventilator or a mask helps in smooth breathing. If the condition caused due to bacterial infection, the doctor might also prescribe an antibiotic.

It should note that often the worsening of the disorder can reduce the life prospect, and therefore, precautionary steps should take to prevent COPD. People who diagnosed with COPD should stay away from smoking.

Second, they should try to stay away from pollution, exposure to hazardous chemicals as much as possible. Live flu vaccination program and pneumonia needed to prevent exacerbation of the condition. Have a balanced diet and doing breathing exercises helps in boosting immunity which consequently helps in disease prevention

It should note that the end stage COPD symptoms can become life-threatening if not identified and managed promptly. Lastly, because there are preventative steps that associated with it, one should follow them to avoid burning the disease.