Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

emerging technologies in healthcare
Btig emerging technologies in healthcare diagnostics

It’s hard to imagine the world without advanced medical equipment efficient electronic data transfer of information real-time health and high-tech operating room. The solutions that enhance wellness outcomes and the transformation of health care delivery. For decades, emerging technologies in healthcare played a key role in achieving this world with fundamental research, advance the science of measurement and support the development of standards that allows.

Also, we think turned out to be pretty accurate. I believe healthcare by 2018 will continue to present plenty of opportunities, so let’s see what we think of things that would look next year.

EHR adoption revolution

Although most of the largest health systems in the country already have set their long-term emerging technologies in healthcare.There are still some good deals in the works, recently signed, or heading into a phase of optimization.

Also, the overall EHR market will remain stable because the Department of Defense selecting Cerner this summer for its implementation throughout the system, replace the Vista system. As a DoD project unfolds, the competition for the skills of emerging technologies in healthcare grow, perhaps drawing from the talent from private hospitals and those who may be tired of working with Epic and other technologies.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Health is a big issue in 2017, as hospitals and other healthcare organizations that enter into the various agreements accountable care organization (ACO). The results for some new Acolyte started to come, with some doing better than others in improving care and lowering costs. Because we’re only a few years to all ACO concept. We can expect to see more emerging technologies in healthcare activities, like all entities, involved want the idea of work.

Exclusive Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring requires the use of different technologies to collect medical data outside of the clinical framework. The major idea that comes to mind is the visit video telemedicine. Where patients make a visit to your doctor online.

Wearable emerging technologies in healthcare

It seems like every health blog has several articles about wearable technology. Back then, we know that the technology of wearable is way over-hyped. Also, the most doctors have little interest in making technology a part of their daily routine. I think 2018 will be the year that wearable technology is taking off.

Monitoring Remote e-ICU

Other aspects of the emerging technologies in healthcare are the emergence monitoring technology to monitor ICU patients. Sounds scary to have someone monitoring the critical patients of some 100 miles away. However, considering that the five million patients entered the ICU each year. And among them, about 10% will die in the ICU. The level of care is a very resource intensive at the time when the supply of critical care physicians low-skilled.

Solution e-ICU does not leave the facility without a place of critical care physicians. Also, adding sophisticated technology to monitor ventilators, heart, and vital signs data. Remote ICU doctor can respond more quickly to critical events than they can arrive at the patient’s bedside.

Case study of e-ICU

The program monitored remote e-ICU launched at St. Mary’s Health Center in Jefferson City, MO. in 2006 and continues to the present. Some extraordinary results: The death of ICU is down 24% after one year. Cardiac arrests dropped by 69%,
ICU patients total length of stay decreased by 14%