Electrical Fire Extinguisher Type

Electrical Fire Extinguisher Type
Electrical Fire Extinguisher Type

Electrical fires more common and they can happen almost any time. Thus, it is important for the commercial property should equip electrical fire extinguisher type to handle the same case. Electrical fire extinguisher type designed to work in case of firepower. It is important to understand the nature of electrical fire so you can understand what kind of extinguisher to best use.

Electrical fire extinguisher type

Due to the fact that electrical fires different in nature from other types of fires, fire extinguishers that used to address the same needs to be different. However, electric fire can get worse when we use water other fluids to put off the fire. Thus, the contents of the electrical fire extinguisher type have to different from those found in fire extinguisher foam, dry powder fire extinguisher or water. The following are some of the electrical fire extinguisher type available.

What type of fire extinguisher is used for electrical fires?

1. carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher designed to replace the oxygen in the room around the fire with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is making sure that the rest of the fire contained, and does not spread or reignited due to come in contact with oxygen. , CO2 fire extinguishers offer no security fire and fire could easily reignite. Also, to containing electric fires, fire extinguishers CO2 is also great for liquid class B fire extinguisher.

Using electrical fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can use for any additional properties. However, it is important for having electrical fire extinguisher type designed for the electric fire department. Electrical fire extinguishers designed specifically because in large part to the nature of electrical fires.

Electrical fires can become worse when doused with water or liquids. Thus, the contents of the electrical fire extinguisher type different from other. For example, electrical fire extinguishers have a carbon dioxide. CO2 fire extinguisher supports to close the air circulate around the fire area, preventing the spread and reignition of fire while the electricity cut off. There are instances when hand-held CO2 fire extinguishers.

Electrical fire extinguisher test

Although no type of fire extinguisher which called the Fire Department, several different types of fire extinguishers rated for electrical fires. This includes fire extinguisher CO2 or carbon dioxide. For help with the installation of the correct fire extinguisher in your workplace, contact the firefighter specialist.

Understanding electrical fire extinguisher type is very important to use the correct kind of sure-fire extinguisher in your workplace. This can be very dangerous to use the wrong type of fire extinguisher on several fires, one of the most obvious examples is the use of water on an electrical fire. For this reason, the proper staff training is important for any staff who asked to use firefighting equipment.