Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

early symptoms of breast cancer
Early symptoms of breast cancer in female

Breast cancer is popular types of cancer among women and started as a group of abnormal cells that are uncontrollable. The reason why many patients detect their health condition too late is that they can’t feel early symptoms of breast cancer. Besides, If the signs are too obvious, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Early symptoms of breast cancer

The initial signs of breast cancer may include changes such as variations in the breast shape nipples, rash on or around the nipple, and thickening of the breast area. Differences in the size and shape of the breasts can be early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer has signs that are somewhat different.

Inflammation, pain, and redness in the area of the breast are some of the early symptoms of breast cancer. Another type of breast cancer called Paget’s disease were first signs of breast cancer that occur as a rash on and around the nipple area. Itching also occurs with the redness. These symptoms may seem similar to the signs of eczema. Some of the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer are:
A new lump or mass
Pain in the breast or nipple
Puffy nipples
Skin irritation
Nipple retraction
Out of the nipple
Redness on the skin of the breast

Diagnosis and factors of breast cancer

No one knows the reason for these early symptoms of breast cancer, but some efforts made to find out the reasons for these symptoms of breast cancer. Some of the factors that affect breast cancer

1. Age factor
Age is a natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped by anyone and with increased risk of developing this cancer.

2. A family history of breast cancer
Family history plays a significant role in increasing the risk of a woman affected by breast cancer. If a close relative has developed breast cancer, your risk of breast cancer growth.

3. Radiation exposure
If a woman revealed to radiation treatment on the chest, it increased the risk level of early symptoms of breast cancer.

4. Gender
Every woman has a lifetime risk of breast cancer because of gender.

5. Obesity

The obesity is one of the main factors that increase the early symptoms of breast cancer. Also, obesity has to be removed from a woman’s life to reduce her risk of the disease. Weight can reduce by following a healthy diet plan with exercises that often.

Breast cancer legacy

If a woman inherits the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 her risk of breast cancer increased as compared to other women who do not inherit these genes. The legacy of these two genes are damaged, this enhances the risk of developing breast, but not just ovarian cancer as well.

Females with breast cancer history in her family can identify this faulty gene transmission through blood tests. You can consult a genetic counselor or your physician to review the family history of these cancers and measure the risk of developing the disease.

Those who know the reason this should remain cautious about the health of their breasts and had to do a breast self-examination to catch anomalies as they occur. A breast exam should be part of every woman’s life to reduce the risk of breast cancer. If the risk is not taken care of, it will cause death.

So, do a breast self-examination to rule out the early symptoms of breast cancer. The breast is one of the important parts of your body should take care of it. If you find anything unusual immediately in self-examination, consult your doctor for further assistance.