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Hair Botox vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Which One is Lyric

The biggest difference between these two treatments is that Hair Botox doesn’t contain formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals that you can find in traditional keratin treatment products. Other differences include that Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment, which works to restore the natural beauty of damaged hairs, while a keratin treatment …
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Hair Botox or Keratin – Which is Better – Beauty … Lyric

Hair Botox and Keratin are two different hair treatments which claim to give you beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Both these treatments eliminate frizzy hair which is one of the main hair troubles of today’s women. They also have a smoothing effect on hair due to which your styling time decreases significantly.
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Hair botox vs keratin: What’s the difference – All Things … Lyric

The effects of hair botox typically lasts between 2-4 months. Similar to keratin treatments, it’s recommended that you use a low or sulphate-free shampoo to help maintain the treatment’s benefits. Try: We suggest testing out the …
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Difference Between Botox and Keratin – PUBLIC … Lyric

The difference between Botox and keratin in application process. Keratin treatment have keratin molecules active spread over the hair, not in the cuticle. Keratin molecules are too large to penetrate the hair strands. Unlike the keratin treatment, Botox is the filler of essential nutrients such as amino acids, and vitamins.
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Hair Botox vs Keratin: Here’s How to Tell The Difference Lyric

Settle the hair botox vs keratin debate once and for all and find out which treatment is the best one for you and your hair.
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