Concussion Symptoms and Treatment

concussion symptoms and treatment
Symptoms and treatment of a concussion

The brain is the mastermind behind a healthy body. The Even minor damage that is possible to inhibit healthy another nerve in the body. Whenever there is an injury to the head, the first sign shows the anomaly is the shock. Usually, the symptoms disappear on its own over a period, but they can pose a serious problem if the concussion evolved into post concussion.How about concussion symptoms and treatment?

Concussion symptoms and treatment

When someone receives a blow to the head, the brain may bang on the side of the skull. This event may cause short-term disruption in the ordinary operation of the mind. It will affect the way the brain works, but only for a while. The symptoms that may experience will vary, depending on the degree of brain injury. In the case of mild traumatic brain injury, the person may or may not lose consciousness. On the other hand, the loss of awareness of the possibility in the case of severe traumatic brain injury.

Other than a brief loss of consciousness, some of the signs and symptoms associated with the mild concussion include:

1. Confusion
2. lose short-term memory
3. Vomiting
4. Blurred vision
5. Headache
6. Ringing in the ears
7. Sensitivity to light
8. Increased fatigue without reason
9. The difficulty in coordination
10. Slurred speech
11. Nausea and dizziness

Therefore, early diagnosis is complicated. Thus, it is important to seek concussion symptoms and treatment after any head injury. Mostly, the doctor checks the reflexes, vision, hearing to knowing concussion symptoms and treatment, in the case of individuals affected by a head injury. Several imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans may also be conducted to determine the effects of injury to the brain.

The cause of the concussion

Various reasons resulted in people suffering from the concussion. If everyone receives tough blows on their heads, their brain may slightly shift inside and collided against the inside of the skull. This state leads to people getting a concussion and most people searching for concussion symptoms and treatment to fix this condition.

Treatment for concussion

Concussion symptoms and treatment should not ignore even though it considered the most severe types of traumatic head injury. This step is because, many times, what is deemed to be a mild head injury can eventually turn into serious injuries after a few days. So, it is important to evaluate the type of head injury promptly.

The recovery time for a mild head injury or concussion does not exceed three months with enough rest and proper care. Doctors usually administer tests, such as x-rays and CT scans of the skull and the brain to rule out the possibility of the damage to the brain. As far as treatment is concerned, the rest is considered the best way to ensure a quick recovery. In the meantime, any strenuous physical activity should avoid. To reduce pain, one can apply ice or cold compress on the affected area of the head.

With proper care, it is critical to prevent repeated concussions. If not, it can cause brain damage, and eventually cause some major complications such as dementia. Some precautions such as wearing helmets and seat belts can help avoid head injury in the future.

Concussion symptoms and treatment must strictly supervise. A physician should be consulted at the earliest to find out whether it is the mild or severe concussion. If symptoms persist for quite a long time, and if individuals experience a loss of smell and seizures, or if His pupils become dilated, the condition should immediately report to the physician.