Colon Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms

colon cancer stage 3 symptoms
What are the symptoms of stage 3 colon cancer?

What is colon cancer stage 3 symptoms? One of the many disaster combative and neuroendocrine carcinoma is a form of colon cancer. The most negative about the disease is that it is usually detected too late into the advanced stages is very difficult at this time to do something about it. Also, Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms take the form only at the most advanced stage the survival rate drops at an alarming rate.

The colon cancer stage 3 symptoms divided into 3A, 3B, and 3 C. Specialists describe the stage as stage 3A when the disease spread from the mucosa to the mucosa layer of the muscle across the sub, the walls of the colon. Here, if physicians detect violence in at least one but not more than three nearby lymph nodes, then the condition is labeled as stage 3 a. If spread from the Mucosa to the sub is mucosal and if this affects at least four but not more than six nearby lymph nodes, then also described as stage 3A.

Colon cancer stage 3 symptoms

Since cancer of the colon or rectum is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths, it becomes necessary to learn about the colon cancer stage 3 symptoms. Here, some of the symptoms may suffer:

Abnormal bleeding
Bleeding in the absence of the menstrual cycle can be a colon cancer stage 3 symptoms. The presence of a sufficient amount of blood in the urine or stool should not ignore.

Changes in bowel movements
People who are suffering from colon cancer will see a sudden change in bowel movements. She will experience diarrhea or feel constipated. The important thing here is the duration that he experiences these signs.

Unexplained weight loss
Weight loss is a general symptom of all cancers. A tumor in the intestines can hinder part and create a feeling of fullness or bloating sensation.

Abdominal pain and discomfort
Pain in the abdominal region can not ignore because this is one of the indications. It may start as a mild pain, followed by a bit of a stabbing or burning sensation in the lower abdomen.

Fatigue is the most common colon cancer stage 3 symptoms. Again, not every case of fatigue must link to colon cancer. The affected people may also turn anemic because of abnormal bleeding. Severe fatigue also associated with anemia.

Digestive diseases
Other digestive problems, in addition to rectal bleeding and changes in bowel movement, including nausea and vomiting. Cramps in the lower abdomen region and unnecessary gas also some signs.

Specialists say that Smoking and obesity is a risk factor for colon cancer stage 3 symptoms. It also found that colon cancer develops in men and women aged over 49.

Treatment for colon cancer stage 3

What type of therapy will be meted out on colon cancer stage 3 symptoms patients majorly depend on the stage of the disease? Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are the three primary methods used in this case. If the cancer is small in size, it is possible that your physician may go for minimally invasive techniques for the operation, such as:
a. Disposal of polyps using colonoscopy
b. Minimally invasive surgery
c. Endoscopic mucosa resection
If cancer spread through your colon, your doctor may recommend:
1. Partial Colectomy, colon section where you cancer removed by a margin of healthy tissue on both sides of the affected part.
2. Permanent or temporary electronic is needed when it ‘s hard to join the healthy parts of the colon or rectum, are you? In this process, opening made in the abdomen to eliminate bodily wastes You.
3. Removal of lymph nodes can do during the operation.