Collagen Hair Treatment Review

collagen hair treatment
Collagen hair treatment ingredients

Collagen hair treatment is a procedure to straighten the hair and make it healthy and shiny. This therapy uses a type of protein that is present in a person’s hair, nails, and teeth.

The benefits of collagen hair treatment

Collagen protein to help smooth and straighten your hair. This protein forms a coating on the strand so shiny and healthy. This protective layer remains on the hair for a long time. This treatment relaxes curls and repair damaged hair. The texture of the hair remains soft and doesn’t give the fragile feelings. This procedure can do easily and leaves hair strong and tendency to damage greatly reduce maintenance work as well as hair loss. This procedure can take about one hour to 5 hours depending on the curls and condition. The results of the treatment will last for two to four months depending on the quality of the care that taken after the treatment and treatment performed.

Types of collagen hair treatment

There are two main types of treatments available, first became a normal collagen treatment and collagen treatments plus. Also, collagen hair treatment free of the chemical procedure to make the hair soft, soft and vibrant. Two types of proteins that used, human hair collagen and botanical collagen. The reason is small human hair collagen molecules pass into the cuticle and the great botanical collagen forms a coating on the cuticle.

This makes the hair with collagen or kept outside. Collagen hair treatment Plus has some natural ingredients in the mix they may differ depending on the product. You will need to check the composition of the substance clearly know what all has added. Some manufacturers add vitamin the goodness of crops such as vanilla bean. Some products add collagen to revitalize hair.

Brown has also used with collagen, cocoa and helps in strengthening the structure of the part in your hair. Also, it restores hair’s natural propensity for stretching helps in hair loss treatment. Some products add the strawberries are rich in fatty acids, omega-3 and Vitamin C help improve the texture of the hair.

Collagen hair treatment side effects

Get hair care collagen does not have the kind of bad side effects to it. The only thing that will cause bad side effects is if people get treatment collagen is the allergy to any of the ingredients in collagen. This happens in the very low number of people who get collagen hair treatment. But if you think that this could be you, consult one of the stylists at the salon of the materials that they use in their collagen hair care.

This is the only known bad side effects of collagen hair treatment. Also, this is only visible to people with the sensitive skin head and people who are allergic to the components. Again, don’t be afraid to consult with one of the employees at the salon about the ingredients. However, if you fear that you may have a potential allergic reaction while receiving hair care collagen.

Hair care post

Maintenance collagen hair treatment post is very important to make the effects of the procedure for a long time. For the waiting period, which is usually 3 days, you required not to wet your hair. If your hair gets wet due to sweat or other reasons, it is important to blow dry them as soon as possible. Try to leave them down as often as you can and avoid putting your hair in a ponytail. This will help keep hair straight for a long time.