CO2 Fire Suppression System

co2 fire suppression system
CO2 fire suppression system safety

CO2 fire suppression system which effectively used for various applications. Such as protection of the ship’s machinery space, space, space control panel, to liquids that are flammable and others. The CO2 fire suppression system for Fire Protection use carbon dioxide gas. However, CO2 is a gas that has no color, has no smell, and cannot conduct electricity. For that gas can obtain from the results of human respiratory Oxygen. It can be very suitable for extinguishing media fire happened. CO2 fire suppression system using intelligent control panel that can rely upon. This system works quickly shortly after there was the fire that lights up so it can do the protection on your property assets. Expansion of carbon dioxide gas is also broad enough to allow the systems can extinguish fire from a large area quickly.

The CO2 fire suppression system Work

This system work to extinguish a fire by reducing the composition of oxygen in the room to the level where the burning doesn’t happen again. This can occur because of the heavy type of CO2 gas 1.5 times larger than regular air.┬áThese CO2 fire suppression system equipped with fire and smoke detection system. Which automatically recognizes the change in temperature of the conditions or the presence of smoke. Then, it automatically using the mechanism of suppression fire to put out the fire as soon as possible.

CO2 fire suppression system design:

1. Method of application usage of CO2 fire suppression system composed of:

Total DOS flooding used to protect the room with the layout of the equipment is critical in enclosed areas. Examples of the use of fire system this is for shipping (machinery space control rooms and cargo pump rooms). Also, industrial ( generator rooms, cable spreading rooms, and similar spaces)

The local application used to protect on a specific part of the critical equipment who are at high risk of impending fire on open areas. Then, example of use for aluminum rolling mills, printing presses, dip tanks, quench tanks and similar applications.

2. Application DOS flooding system there is two design are:

Surface Fires used to protect the surface of the liquid, solid and gas are very prone to burning. Then, the Deep-Seated Fires used to protect the surface of the liquid, solid and gas. This state is not too prone to protectionism and set up in the cracks of existing hole in the room.
Current NFPA has two standards for firefighting system that uses carbon dioxide gas. Also, it divided into High-Pressure systems and low-pressure CO2 System. The basic difference from the second system is the second method lies in how the system of storing carbon dioxide. High-Pressure CO2 systems using cylinders rotating steel storage stored at room temperature. Completed with pressure varies until the pressure reached 850 PSI adapts to the size of the cylinder that is 50, 75, or 100 pounds. While Low-pressure carbon dioxide saving unit with low pressure just until a maximum of 350 PSI.