CO2 Fire Extinguisher

The CO2 fire extinguisher is the firefighting tool that uses carbon dioxide as a firefighter. This fire extinguisher will produce clouds of carbon dioxide and particulate matter solid the COP at the time of use. This type of extinguisher used for areas where there is electronic equipment. So, the equipment unbroken, as a laboratory instrument, server, and computer. This type of extinguisher should not be used in the confined space or area of the basement. Because of a cloud of carbon dioxide can be dangerous for the personnel. Type of CO2 fire extinguisher also should not be used to fire from metal.
CO2 Fire Extinguisher
CO2 fire extinguisher cylinder
The enough of the element oxygen in open space is very influential towards the speed of power outages carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher very clean and do not cause the former when used. Carbon dioxide media very freely used for electronic equipment because the media can move in flexible.

Things to note about CO2 fire extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguisher agent had 58 bar working pressure with a test pressure of 215 bar, so, it needs the strong cylinder. The CO2 fire extinguishers had heavier weight compared to the other fire extinguishers media. For example, the capacity of 2.2 kg has a total weight of 8 Kg, the capacity of 6.8 kg has a total weight of 25.3 kg. Make sure you have enough oxygen intake because the process of using this media blackout was reducing oxygen elements.
CO2 fire extinguishers work by replacing the oxygen or take the elements of oxygen from the fire triangle. Carbon dioxide also very cold when out of the extinguisher. CO2 may not be effective on class A fire extinguisher. Because they may not be able to replace the oxygen enough to put out the fire. Class A materials can also get hot and turned on again.

A special feature of the CO2 fire extinguisher

There are some specific characteristics to identify the types of CO2 fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers usually colored black on the entire tube or if blown red in complete with striping black band. Other features on the tube CO2 fire extinguisher on the part of the hose equipped with a plastic funnel. It is to avoid the cold of carbon dioxide when in use. Also, it serves to avoid the occurrence of the electrostatic wave caused by liquid carbon dioxide media.

CO2 fire extinguisher application

CO2 formed from carbon atoms 1 + 2 oxygen atoms. Here are some of the benefits of Co2:
1. Can be used to extinguish the fire class B and C because it saved, with effectiveness and effective cleaner.
2. Highly efficient and effective use in the room as an Office, lab and other.
3. Carbon Dioxide (Co2) can absorb heat and cool.
4. Construction of the tube is specially designed to withstand high pressure. Also, it equipped with a long hose with the nozzle funnel-shaped.
5. Very suitable for extinguishing the fire happened due to shorted electrical. Because it is clean and safe for power tools in particular.