Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

clean agent fire suppression system comparison
Clean agent fire suppression system specification

For buildings that have little or no shelter, carbon dioxide systems often used as suppression agent. However, carbon dioxide (CO2) fire suppression systems create inherent health risks for people in the area. That’s why you will not find CO2 fire suppression systems installed in buildings occupied and attachments. Instead, you’ll find clean agent fire suppression system protect the sensitive environment. Clean agent fire suppression system poses health risks a lot lower to people compared with the CO2 can be deadly.

Clean agent fire suppression system definition

It is a dangerous nature that has made companies looking for better ways to minimize. One of the ways is to fire suppression agent. This method of suppression fire achieved through the use of inert gases. Also, chemicals formulated to extinguish fires without causing damage to other items on the spot. Fire suppression agents held to strict standards of governance. It usually consists of an agent, the agent storage containers, agent release valves, and fire detecting unit. Also, control panel cable, pipe-specific signaling and nozzles clean agent.

The form of suppression fire is ideal in situations where commercial use water to put out the fire. It meant the loss of documents or destruction of equipment. It is fast and effective, react quickly in the early stages of the fire before it could spread to other areas. Agents, often as gas Novec 1230 or FM 200, scattered in a matter of seconds and permeates the region so as to prevent the spread of fire.

The benefit of clean agent fire suppression system

Even better, the clean agent fire suppression system is safe for humans. As they do not cause breathing or vision problems, nor is it bad for the environment. And, unlike water, which left a mess of cooked, clean agent evaporates, leaving no residual damage. Also, work life can proceed rather quickly, so the company does not deal with losses as a financially to the extreme. Also, the clean agent fire suppression system does not take a lot of space to install. Since they require the cylinder contains chemicals.

This is the reason that many companies are now choosing to clean agent fire suppression system. But, it does not mean that the former approach was not effective! By choosing to use clean agent fire suppression you can know that your company is not only minimizing the risk of equipment. Also, the documents because of the fire, but also the loss that may occur due to the water.

The process has proven many times to be a non-corrosive and non-conductive. Also, safe for the environment and people, making it a suitable option for businesses everywhere.

The best clean agent Fire Suppression Systems

There are many different factors for best clean agent fire suppression system for the exact requirements. While all three are better able to handle fires, they each have their own unique advantages and the need for themselves. While a system may cost less than others, it may need more upgrades to a protected environment. Some systems require little footprints while others can keep away from a protected environment. In the end, every situation and every environment is different. The expert must be able to assess your needs, walking you through the different options, and help you choose the “best” system for your needs.