Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher review

Clean agent fire extinguisher is safe for use on fires Class A, B, and C. Like carbon dioxide, clean agent fire suppressant also stored as a liquid under pressure that turns into gas at the disposal of the air. However, clean agent fire extinguishers developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to Halon which is now banned in the United States.

A clean agent effective on class A, B and C fires typically gasoline, oil, propane, Butane etc. Also, clean agent fire extinguisher specification contain halogenated agents who charge a non-conductive and non-corrosive. Then, there is no residue left behind.

What is clean agent fire extinguisher?

Clean agent fire extinguisher designed for the protection of industrial and commercial facilities. Also, it contain sensitive equipment and materials that can be damaged by other agents like foam,water, dry chemical and carbon dioxide. Offers superior performance, clean agent fire extinguishers electrically non conductive, friendly and very low toxicity.

Clean agent fire extinguisher used for the computer center, data storage of documents, laboratories, museums, and more. Also, the fire fighting agent leaves no residues, require no cleanup after the release, and will not cause collateral damage to materials, tools, and facilities.

When you try to protect important assets such as intellectual art, and antique artifact-using water would only compound the damage. So, using clean agent fire suppression system is the best solution. The approved clean agent for the system is Novec 1230, FM-200 and Argonite.

3 ways of clean agents can put out the fire:

Reduction of heat (FM-200, Novec 1230)
Isolation of oxygen (Argonite)
Inhibiting the chain reaction of the above components (FM-200)

The advantages of clean agent fire extinguisher

1. Fast action
Clean agent systems reach the level of firefighting in 10seconds or less!

2. Effective
Clean agent fire extinguisher designed to extinguish the fire in a new stage before he has a chance to spread. Electrically clean agent non-conductive and non-corrosive, and there will be no damage to electronic and mechanical devices.

3. Safe for human
Clean agents designed to provide a wide margin of safety of human beings. Also, it safe to use in which people attend.

4. Clean
Agent discharge as gas, reaching into all areas of the facility protected. Also, it leave no residue to damage sensitive devices or require an expensive cleanup. However, this allows you to get back to regular business regulations more quickly after fires.

5. Earth-friendly
The most versatile clean agents and tested clean agent on the market. Also, it has zero ozone depletion potential and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency with the limitations on use.

Typical applications of clean agent:

1. The value of the contents of the importance of the facilities for the business continuity company needs a fire suppression system can react in seconds and more safe than others.

2. The water fire protection system not available, or it may damage the facility or problematic electrical safety for firefighters.

3. People occupy the facilities also protected

4. The use of clean agent fire suppression necessary to maintain minimum downtime and faster than other fire agents.

5.There is a limited amount of storage space available for fire suppression agent system containers.