classes of fire extinguishers

classes of fire extinguishers
Classes of fire extinguishers include

There are six different classes of fire extinguishers. Then, fire extinguisher type that used to distinguish each kind of fire has each different agent inside. The fire types based on the classification given to the various types of fires. Fire extinguishers are also color coded to differentiate the types of use. This condition because there is no universal fire agent available for all classes of fire.

Classes of fire extinguishers

Pictographs used to describe different kinds of fire to identify the fire extinguisher. Then, there are six different classes of fire extinguishers represented by the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F. Pictographs found in all modern Classes of fire extinguishers and show fire extinguisher class will work for, or cannot use. The fires classified according to the fuel involved. However, fires involving electrical equipment always classified as type E until the electrical circuits disconnected.

Some Classes of fire extinguishers

1. Class A Extinguishers will issue a fire at an ordinary Gomi, such as paper, wood, plastic, and shirt. A numeric grade for this Classes of fire extinguishers relates to the quantity of water, and the amount of fire can put out.

2. Class B extinguisher used on flammable liquids fires, such as gasoline, oil, paraffin, and B3 fluids. A numeric value for this Classes of fire extinguishers declared the number of square feet of fire that someone expects to extinguish although he is not an expert.

3. Class C Extinguishers used on flammable gases, such as propane, butane, and methane. A numeric value for this classes of fire extinguishers declared the estimated number of square feet of flammable gases fire that someone expects to extinguish.

4. Class D Extinguishers designed for use on flammable metals. Also, no code image for class D fire extinguisher. Tools have no rating ranked them multi-purpose for use on other types of fires.

5. Class E fire extinguishers are suitable for use on electrical fires. Also, this classes of fire extinguishers do not have numerical values. The presence of the letters shows that it is using an isolative fire agents.

6.Class F fire extinguishers suitable for fats and cooking oil. It usually used in cooking department and kitchen room in a home.

Color Coding for classes of fire extinguishers

It used to classified typical of fire extinguisher and help the fireman using the proper classes of fire extinguishers to fix the triangle of fire.



Dry powder-blue

Carbon dioxide-black


New extinguishers should be according with BS EN 3, which requires that the entire body of the tubes fire colored red. Color zone to 6% of the outside area used to identify the content using the old color coding shown above. All types of fire extinguishers should be kept near the fire exit, in the shallow recesses from extremes of temperature. They can also be mounted at high altitude so that the handle 1 m from the floor for heavy units, 1.5 m from the floor to a smaller part. They must also have a maximum travel distance of 30 m from the fire to the fire service.