Class K Fire Extinguisher


Did you have the class K fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Many people familiar only with fire extinguishers ABC. These fire extinguishers have proven effective in putting out a paper/wood (A) flammable liquids, (B) and (C) firepower. However, they are not designed for fire in a kitchen area.

Class K Fire Extinguisher
Class K kitchen fire extinguisher

How does a class k fire extinguisher work?

The kitchen fire that most often occurs where the cooking media used. Also, this fire is most commonly found in the commercial operation of the cooking. Class K extinguishers are working on the principle of saponification. Saponification happens if the alkali mixture such as potassium acetate which applied to fire.

The alkaline combined with the fatty acids creating layers of SOAP foam on the surface of the fire to fix it. The last change in the kitchen has presented a great challenge to dry chemical fire extinguishers. The change in frying oils from animal fats to vegetable oil has reduced the ability of the dry chemical to extinguish the fire a lot of kitchens. So, the class k fire extinguisher absolutely needed for the modern kitchen.

Class K fire extinguisher installation

If you replace a fire extinguisher class K or you opened a new restaurant in the United States, let the provider know it. However, there are many providers that offer class K fire extinguisher. This procedure to ensure that they are available to help protect your life and property.

Class k fire extinguisher inspection

To ensure they are up-to-code and ready to protect in case of fire, a class K fire extinguishers must be investigated. Also, marked by a company licensed fire protection. During the inspection, The inspector will examine each individual fire extinguisher to make sure they are still ready for use. Also, it placed well in the cooking area.

Class k fire extinguisher regulation

Type K fire extinguisher uses wet chemicals to suppress cooking-related fires. The NFPA advice the need of portable fire extinguishers mounted in the kitchen cooking area. NFPA 10 set out that:

1. Class K fire extinguishers should be no more than 30 feet from any potential hazards in the cooking area
2. Signs that indicate how to operate a fire extinguisher near the kitchen
3. The instructions to use should posted to all staff
4. The portable fire extinguisher class K is the only backup for automatic fire suppression systems in the kitchen area.