Class C Fire Extinguisher (Electrical fire extinguisher)


What does class C fire extinguisher contain? Remember the fire divided into various classes based on types of charges triggers the onset of the fire. Then, the charge used as fire extinguishing materials also vary and must adapt to the classification of fire. Because in the event of fire the charge materials deployment errors if not match with fire. Then the fire will not be extinguished and the fire bigger and potentially spread.

class c fire extinguisher
Type of extinguisher for class C fire

Like a blackout to fire class C fires caused by electrical fires. The fire extinguishers should be used which contain non-conductor of electricity. It such as the charged powder and a charged fire extinguishers CO2 gas.

Dry powder class C fire extinguisher

Class C fire extinguisher with dry chemical powder has advantages in the form of chemical payload characteristics of dry. Also, it is non-toxic, not conducting an electric current, and not harmful to humans. This characteristic that makes the class C fire extinguisher contents proved safe. Also, it efficient to tackle the fires due to shorted electrical.

Because this powder will work with disturbing the chemical reactions that occur within the combustion. So, the flame can extinguish. Also, the chemical powder can expand become a barrier that can cover the fire zone to cut off from oxygen. However, the dry chemical powder also has drawbacks such as dust can impair vision or breathing. Then, after the blackout ended, it will leave the residue. However, the dirt powder can reduce the function of the power electronic equipment. The use of class C fire extinguisher with dry powder only used once.

Class C fire extinguisher carbon dioxide

The advantages of class C fire extinguisher with carbon dioxide:
1. not conduct electricity,
2. it will not cause rust,
3. it can be easily recharged because not once discharged,
4. not harmful to animals or herbs
5. it safe for the electronic device as it will not leave a dirty residue.

Carbon dioxide gas is working at very low temperatures (-50 degrees Celsius). So, if spread to the zone of fire, heat temperatures will drop dramatically because the carbon dioxide gas absorbing heat. So, the flame will be extinguished.

However, a class C fire extinguisher CO2 located at cold temperatures is very dangerous when exposed the human body. Therefore, the use of fire extinguishers with CO2 must be very carefully, with officers who have used a safety. Also, it expected before committing to a blackout with class C portable fire extinguisher CO2, all people must be secured. Then, go to the safe distance away from the blackout zone. It because to avoid drastic cold temperatures that can be harmful to the human body. Also, prevent respiratory problems due to oxygen levels down.