Class ABC Fire Extinguisher


What is class ABC fire extinguisher? For new users of fire extinguishers, they will be unfamiliar with class ABC fire extinguisher. In fact, the name of fire extinguishers divided into various variants of sorts. For more details where we will tell about portable fire extinguisher class ABC.

Class ABC Fire Extinguisher
Class ABC dry powder fire extinguisher

Class ABC fire extinguisher is an ideal choice that is capable of putting out many types of fires. Monoammonium phosphate that used to put out the fire is kind of dry chemical agent. It is a soft yellow powder that capable of turning off 3 classes of fire; Class A, class B, and class C fires. Dry chemical smothers the fire. It can leave a residue after the fire has put out, so keep in mind when choosing the type of extinguisher.

Class ABC fire extinguisher used for:

1. Basically, these fire extinguishers come from the pollen dry. Where the agent comes from a combination of several chemical substances. It blended into one with the calculation of the amount of a predetermined size. So, it could produce a powder. Well, from this combination makes these powders can turn off the fire the fire quickly.

2. It can be said that dry chemical powder is one of the best fire extinguishers used to deal with the presence of small fires. Also, ABC type fire extinguishers perfect to use on open spaces. Also, put on the right part of postal security. Normally this type of tool often used in hospitals, factories, shops, supermarkets, and markets industry.

3. class ABC fire extinguisher equipped with a manometer to the clock against the pressure of the tube while putting out the fire. This pressure is at the valve tube tool. This is where the agent and pressure combined into one.

4. The most interesting of ABC type fire extinguishers is can be used in 3 classes of fires. It is including class A, class B, and fire in class C.

5. Keep in mind that class ABC fire extinguisher also using cartridge system. Which in this case is not equipped with a pressure. So, the extinguishing agent along with a separate pressure. Because they are not mixed into 1 part in 1 container.

Using class ABC fire extinguisher

For those of you who confused about the use of ABC type fire extinguishers. Then, you can notice some way below:

1. Take a fire extinguisher tubes in place, before you use it.
2. Pull the safety pin section at the top of the extinguishers valve.
3. Immediately hold the hose of the fire tube at the other end of the hose that extinguishers.
4. Press the lever this tool up to full.
5. Try to use it at a distance of 3 m. next, you can use it while slowly forward until the land. Eventually, the fire can be extinguished.
6. don’t forget to see the direction of the wind. Because when you’re standing right in line with the direction of the wind, the flames would further escalate.

Well, that’s a couple of things associated with class ABC fire extinguisher. By understanding a few things about fire extinguishers. You can understand the importance of the use of dry chemical powder as a way to prevent the occurrence of fires. So, if there is a fire, it solved faster.