Cervical Cancer Symptoms by Stage

cervical cancer symptoms by stage
Cervical cancer symptoms by stage

The cervix is pink in color. It covered by squamous cells, which are scale-like in appearance. The cervical canal bordered with other types of cells, known as columnar cells which areas meet two kinds of cells called T-zone or the transformation zone is the most important area that can cause abnormal growth of cells. Then, what is cervical cancer symptoms by stage?

Cervical cancer symptoms by stage

Changes that occur early in the cells of the neck is not always a sign of cancer. Then, routine pap smear tests are needed to find out the initial mutations in the cancer cells. Cervical cancer symptoms by stage may include:
back pain
leg pain
swollen leg
pelvic pain
loss of appetite
weight loss
urine leaking
bone fractures

Also, being sick while having sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge are the cervical cancer symptoms by stage.

Types of cervical cancer

Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are two main kinds of cervical cancer. Although almost all cervical cancer Squamous adenocarcinoma or cell carcinomas, other types of cancer can also start at the cervix. Another variety like melanoma, Lymphoma, and Sarcoma, is more common in other parts of the body.

Certain types of HPV type called “high risk” because they are often the cause of cervical cancer. More than 251 types of HPV acknowledged there. Together, HPV types 16 and 18 currently cause about 68% of cases. Some cause warts on the feet and hands. The other variety tends to cause warts on the lips or tongue.

Medical therapy for cervical cancer symptoms by stage

If the initial change has known to general treatment is given by:
1. Warming, diathermy or laser.
2. Cone biopsy by taking a few cells, including cells changes.

If the cervical cancer symptoms by stage reached the stage of pre-cancer and cervical cancer have identified, some things you can do are:
1. Operations
2. Radiotherapy

What should you do to prevent cervical cancer?

First, if you have ever had a sexual relationship that you should do a Pap smear test regularly every two years and this done until you are 70 years old. The second is to report any cervical cancer symptoms by stage such as abnormal bleeding, especially after coitus. The third thing are do not smoke. Statistical data records that the risk of cervical cancer will be higher if the woman smokes.

Small Atypical

The meaning of this situation is if the examination ‘ Pap Smear ‘ changes detected cervical neck cells, but is very small, and the cause is not visible. In this case, the results usually reported as atypical. Regularly, the appearance of these cells changes due to inflammation, but also because it is not uncommon to virus infection. Because making a definitive diagnosis is not possible at this stage, your doctor may recommend you to undergo the examination again within six months. In General, the cells will be back to normal again. So, it is critical for you to do a ‘ Pap Smear ‘ again to ensure that the cervical cancer symptoms by stage are not severe disorders. If the same yield results you may be advised to undergo colposcopy.