Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

carbon dioxide fire suppression system
Low pressure carbon dioxide fire suppression system

How does Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression work? The fire quickly became the main reason for industrial disasters. Fire hazard can be quite common especially in the area of construction. There are many things that can cause fires include gas domestic accidents and electrical accidents.

Carbon dioxide fire suppression system

In such scenarios, it became inevitable that a building should have a fire suppression system efficiently in a place. It’s not only put out the fire but also detect it early to cause minimal damage to life and property. Today these systems using a variety of methods and tools to fight fires quickly and effectively.

Between this method is a carbon dioxide fire suppression system. This system using CO2 gas to put out the fire quickly and completely before it can damage or living things. Carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless and non-conductive gas. Which is why it is very effective as an agent of the fire-suppression. Carbon dioxide gas also has a high rate of expansion. Which allows the suppression system works quickly, such as CO2, oxygen is also known for its rival.

Carbon dioxide fire suppression works

When targeted at a fire, carbon dioxide blanket put gas in the weight room which reduces the oxygen level to below 15%. The point at which the burning doesn’t happen like fires were only able to survive in the order of 15% oxygen level. They ensure optimum levels of oxygen for humans and animals to survive but lowers oxygen levels enough so as not to allow the fire to spread. This is how to operate the carbon dioxide fire suppression system reduction:
1. fuel insulation
2. decreasing the heat in a room
3. reduction or isolation of oxygen
4. all hold a chain reaction this component
5. ultimately extinguishing the fire.

The best part about this carbon dioxide fire suppression is that since carbon dioxide is a gas, there is no fire after clean up needed in most cases. Also, they leave no harmful particles or ashes behind, which causes the minimal interruption in business. In fact, the cost of cleanup and damage of the peripheral associated with sprinkler systems, water systems, foam and dry chemical agents not associated with this type of system, saves a lot of time and money. The system thus provides a quick and reliable, and cost-effective to deal with a fire-large or small.

Carbon dioxide fire suppression system design

Most often these carbon dioxide fire suppression system equipped with fire and smoke detection system. Which recognizes the change in temperature of the environment or the presence of smoke. Also, automatically using the mechanism of suppression fire to put out the fire as soon as possible.

Carbon dioxide Fire Suppression used in a variety of situations and a variety of flammable and combustible materials. The Suppression of fire system approved by the NFPA which sets out guidelines on fire protection systems. Also, it effectively used in class A, class B, and class C fire hazards. It used in the application of Total flooding fire protection. This carbon dioxide fire suppression method is very flexible and cost-effective for home and industry.