Cananga Essential Oil Benefits

Cananga Essential Oil Benefits
Health benefits of Cananga essential oil

What are the Cananga essential oil benefits? Essential oils extracted by steam distillation from fresh flowers of Cananga odorata. It commonly found in the forests of Asia and the islands of the South Pacific. The following article about the health benefits of Cananga essential oil.

The Cananga essential oil benefits

The main components of the oil are geranyl acetate, methyl benzoate, and p-cresyl methyl ether. However, it contributes to the aroma and the nature of treatment. Beside it used as perfume and aromatherapy, Cananga odorata also used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

These 10 Cananga essential oil benefits for health:

1. As an Antidepressant

Cananga oil believed good for body and soul to ward off anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. It also has the effect of encouragement for mood and induces a feeling of joy. Cananga oil can be one alternative treatment for those experiencing depression after acute shock or injury.

2. Resolve Seborik

Seborrhoea is a horrible disease that caused sebaceous glands damaged. The disorder caused by irregular sebum production and infection of the cells of the epidermis. So, the skin becomes pale white or yellow, dry or greasy, and start peeling.

This usually occurs on the scalp, cheeks, eyebrows and hair follicles found anywhere. Cananga oil beneficial in curing this inflammatory situation and reduce skin irritation.

3. Cananga essential oil benefits as an antiseptic

Any injuries such as blisters or burns may result in septic from a variety of bacterial infections. The risk of complications is even greater when the wound caused by an object made of iron. Cananga oil can help avoid sepsis and tetanus with inhibits the growth of microbes. So, Cananga oil very beneficial to protect your wounds from infections due to bacteria, and fungi. Besides that, it also helps to speed up the process of wound healing.

4. Prevent diabetes

Cananga Essential Oil Benefits
Cananga oil for diabetes

Cananga oil help lower the risk of nerve damage due to complications, so that makes it a natural cure for diabetes. Apply a few drops of oil to the point of the reflex foot, above the stomach and pancreas.

5. Help increase energy

If you’re always tired, try Cananga essential oil scent because it posed will help add energy. Also, it used to fight fatigue or body aches. Add a few drops on a cotton net and then apply to the wrist, neck or chest.

6. Heart health

Cananga essential oil benefits help improve blood flow and fight inflammation. So, it will support a healthy circulatory system. To help control blood pressure and prevent heart arrhythmias. Also, it can also serve as food supplements for our body.

7. Overcoming the menstrual disorder in women

Aromatherapy or massage with Cananga oil can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. Naturally, it can fix PMS cramps, tension and stress. However, you can use Cananga oil with lavender oil to the back of the neck and lower abdomen.

8. Improving sleep quality

Cananga oil is also beneficial to combat insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Because this oil has a mild sedative effect and can lower the stress response.

9. Cananga essential oil benefits for nerve health

The existence of a sedative effect in Cananga oil very beneficial to the health of the nervous system. Cananga oil can repair damaged nerves, relieves nervous stress. Also, it strengthens the nervous system resulting from the disruption that has suffered.

10. Skin health

Cananga essential oil also enriched with natural substances that effective to keep the moisture of the skin. Also, it is helping skin hydrated, smooth skin, and makes the skin look younger.