Can Botox Cause Hair Loss?

Can Botox cause hair loss
Can Botox injections cause hair loss?

Can Botox cause hair loss? The women are always looking for new answers to solve the problem of losing their hair. And scientists are always researching them. They are trying to find out as much as they can about different diseases, from their original correlation of other diseases. This is how they find new treatments and cures. There have been many new developments in hair loss research. Some scientists looking for the relation between Botox injections and hair fall problem.

Can Botox cause hair loss?

One study showed there may be a correlation between stem cells, Botox injections and hair loss treatment. They found that there are stem cells in the hair follicle bulge. They extracted stem cells from hair follicles and put it on the adult rat. In a few weeks is not already formed new hair follicles. This is important for hair loss because it means that with the transplantation of stem cells that your body will be able to make new hair follicles, which means the new hair. Hair that is not subject to balding. When your hair follicles die, new hair can never grow up there. That is able to create a new discovery is exciting.

Recent studies have shown that scientists now have found a gene called APCDD1. This gene controls the hair loss and growth. These are the genes that cause hereditary hypotrichosis simplex, a condition of hair loss are very similar to male pattern baldness. Identifying these genes has allowed them to find more data on lines that control the process of hair growth, called pathway WNT.

Gene interrupts the signal from the line, as is the case in male pattern baldness. They have found a way to manipulate the line without using drugs hormones, such as people who are in the market. This is useful for people who do not take drugs to hormonal changes for whatever reason but still want a way to treat their hair loss. This statement correlates with the question ” can Botox cause hair loss”.

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Other studies show that even possible to clone hair follicles. Once they had cloned their right can be injected into the scalp of people they have cloned from. This means that a person can have thick hair as they want because it will only be a matter of cloning. It is also a good thing because it means you don’t have to take drugs or have a painful operation performed to treat hair loss. This would be sort of like getting Botox injections all over your bald area.

Hair loss research is crucial to finding the answer from can Botox cause hair loss, new treatments and ultimately a cure for hair loss. Despite this amazing discovery that has been made, those who were into products and procedures available to the public. But this should give hope to the many people who suffer from hair loss. All they have to do is wait, it was only a matter of time. Science is working on getting them to lose the best hair care through cloning. Then, stem cells and even manipulate the hairline.