Camphor Essential Oil Benefits

camphor essential oil
Camphor essential oil aromatherapy

What are the benefits of camphor essential oil? As the name implies, camphor essential oil extracted from the camphor tree. Once extracted, the oil refined through a process of vacuum and pressurized. Part camphor trees that used to make the oil covers the tree bark, roots, stumps, and branches.

After going through a series of process, there is three oil fraction produced i.e. camphor oil white, yellow, and Brown. The white camphor oil smelling fresh and used for aromatherapy. Two other factions known have toxic properties so it should not be used in aromatherapy.

The benefits of camphor essential oil

1. In the culinary field, this oil used as an important ingredient to give aroma on candy in ancient and medieval Europe. Similar usage still persists in Asia.
2. Camphor white essential oil effectively helps reduce nasal congestion and coughs when massaged on the chest. These oils have the capability of opening up channels of bronchus, larynx, pharynx, nose, and lungsMany decongestants and balm oil rub using camphor oil as one of the active ingredients.
3. Properties of an anti-bacterial camphor oil make it a potent ingredient in toothpaste. This oil also an ingredient in the manufacture of throat freshener and cough syrup.
4. Oil of camphor easily absorbed by the skin so well used as anti salves and itchy oil. This oil also used in the cooling gel to produce the sensation of cold as in the case of menthol.

The other camphor essential oil health benefits

5. A person who suffers from muscle pain and soreness arthritis could use camphor essential oil. Because it has analgesic properties that able to eliminate the pain.
6. A few drops of camphor laurel essential oil quite effective used as a drinking water disinfectant.
7. Burning rags soaked in oil known to be able to repel insects. Besides, open oil container can also repel insects.
8. People face the problem of libido can use camphor oil because it acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Topical treatment using oil of camphor believed to help the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
9. The most skin care products to address acne using camphor oil as one of the active ingredients. People who have oily skin can also resolve the problem with this oil.
10. Other uses of camphor oil include:
a.) Stimulates circulation and metabolism
b.) Ease defecation
11. This oil also helps the treatment:
A whooping cough
Infection in the reproductive organs
12. The spasms and cramping can be removed with antispasmodic owned by camphor essential oil.
13. Tackling nail and skin fungus infection.
Other benefits that you can get from camphor essential oil is a natural remedy to overcome a yeast infection on your nails and skin. To use it, you can mix some small camphor and water, then apply the mixture on the affected skin or nail fungal infections. You can combine with eucalyptus oil and lemon, then you can just rub it on nail or skin that infected with a fungus.

Side Effects of camphor essential oil

Note that using too much oil of camphor can trigger convulsions and vomiting. Pregnant women are not recommended to use these oils, as well as people who suffer from epilepsy, asthma, and high blood pressure. Camphor oil should not use for infants. The concentrated oils (not diluted) in some people can trigger irritation.