Cajeput Essential Oil Benefits

cajeput essential oil benefits
Health benefits of Cajeput essential oil

What are the cajeput essential oil benefits? Cajeput essential oil is one of the products of forestry that has widely known by the public. Essential oil distillation of cajeput has a distinctive smell and usefulness. Cajeput essential oil rubbed nearly all over the body to give it freshness and warmth on the newborn baby. Usually, people use cajeput essential oil to warm the body, eliminating the sense of cold, and relieving nausea.

The cajeput essential oil benefits

It turns out the oil from the plant processed guava-Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus. Also, this Melaleuca has many benefits, not only health but also useful for other things too. Check out the following reviews;

1. Aromatherapy

Excess stress is one of the deadliest killers of productivity work on oneself. If you have this you can try the aromatherapy of cajeput oil and feel the whole stress and tension disappeared. This could happen because in the cajeput essential oil contains substances analgesics. It used to calm the mind, reduce brain fog, lethargy, and improve concentration.

2. As respiratory distress

cajeput essential oil benefits
Benefits of Cajeput essential oil

For your problems in the respiratory tract, you can use the cajeput oil to reduce a sense of tightness in your chest and nasal congestion. Cajeput oil has the ability to thin the phlegm and mucus from the lungs and respiratory tract. So, it will feel lighter and feeling of tightness will diminish. You can try it with a shed at least 20 drops of cajeput essential oil in the basin containing boiling water. Then, you breathe steam from water mixture of cajeput oil.

3. Cajeput essential oil benefits for sunscreen mixture

The body affected by ultraviolet rays is not good for the health of the body. So, it recommended using a sunscreen while engaging in activities outside of the room. But sometimes it is the result of a sunscreen alone insufficient if it is here you can mixing cajeput essential oil on any brand of sunscreen you use. So, the performance in protecting the rest upon you from the hot sun will be more optimal.

4. Cajeput essential oil benefits as wound medication

Fallen and hurt is common, but wrong in handling can be fatal. You need to know that cajeput essential oil benefits also useful for curing and speed up the drying process. This is due to the womb antimicrobial and antiseptic in cajeput essential oil can protect the wound from germs. You can use a few drops of cajeput oil blended with clean water. Then, use it for washing of wounds suffered.

5. Address the oily skin

Oily skin problems often experienced during puberty. Not just annoying, this condition also makes a person feel not confident. When such conditions override your life, you can use the cajeput essential oil benefits as the solution. Cajeput essential oil has strong astringent properties. So, it is able to reduce the levels of excess oil on the face. You mix a few drops of cajeput oil with clean water, then DAB on the oily face using cotton.

6. Cajeput essential oil benefits to eliminate acne scars and blemishes on the face

cajeput essential oil benefits
Cajeput essential oil benefits skin

Acne is becoming one of the classic problems that quite annoying, especially if already left scars. But do not worry if this problem afflicts yourself, you can use a mixture of cajeput oil with aloe vera gel. Then, apply on face parts contained stains of acne scars. High inflammatory properties of cajeput oil proved to treat skin breakouts. Also, it able to disguise the scars of acne blemishes on the face.

7. Prevent feet from foot fungus disorder

Too long to use the shoes tends to make feet sweat and make moldy feet. If you have this you can use the content of cajeput oil antifungal medications to prevent this. Prepare warm water that has mixed with a few drops of cajeput oil. Then, soak your feet in the water the after work or activities.

8. Remove dandruff

Got a problem with dandruff, had using dandruff shampoo ranging from cheap to expensive insane. But the result is still nil and dandruff is still terrorizing you. It’s time you tried the cajeput essential oil benefits. Mix the cajeput oil with coconut oil, then apply it on the scalp and then massage for 20 minutes. Do it regularly and see the magic formula of the ancestors of the cajeput essential oil. Besides beneficial to eliminate dandruff, it can increase the elasticity of the hair.

9. Replacement of hand sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer may indeed have become a common thing for everyone. If you run out of a hand sanitizer, but want to keep your hands clean before eating. No need to confuse, you can use cajeput essential oil. Cajeput oil contains a useful antibacterial to kill a particular species of bacteria in the body.

10. An effective mixture to clean and maintain health home

Cajeput essential oil benefits as the ingredient mixture to clean the home. Probably still unfamiliar sounds from the benefits of cajeput oil on this one. But the nature of antimicrobial owned cajeput oil is able to optimize the work of cleaning SOAP to overcome various problems at home. In addition, to maintain the cleanliness of homes, a mixture of cajeput essential oil with SOAP is also healthier. Because it can kill germs and bacteria in your house.

That’s some of the cajeput essential oil benefits that you may not know, may indeed be impressed as usual and common items found.