Breast Cancer Symptoms in Women

breast cancer symptoms in women
Breast cancer symptoms in women

Breast cancer therapy will depend on the breast cancer symptoms in women and the type of breast cancer, the stage of the disease, and whether it is new or recurrent cancer. Types of breast cancer treatment include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Breast cancer is a common disease. Also, each year about 199,000 women in the United States diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in nine American women will develop breast cancer in her life.

However, there are some other ways to detect breast cancer such as self-examination. You can do a self-examination in your home.

Breast cancer symptoms in women

In the self-examination, women can feel and see the following breast cancer symptoms in women

1. Swelling or lump in the breast
2. Swelling in the armpit
3. Nipple discharge
4. Pain in the nipple
5. Inverted Nipple
6. Scaly or snitch on nipples
7. Constant breast pain
8. Regular breast Pain

The breast cancer symptoms in women imaging:

a. Micro-Calcification in tight groups
b. Solid mass with tapered outline

Diagnosis for breast cancer in women

What should you do to detect breast cancer symptoms in women?

1. clinical breast exams:
Women with age between 21 and 39 years of age should benefit this review as part of the surveillance of their health condition, preferably once every three years. Women over 40 years old should be checked by a specialist once a year.

3. auto breast exam:
The method of detecting breast cancer symptoms in women is critical. To get the best results, You have to do ten days after menstruation. Then, if your time is not uncommon, you perform automatic checks on the same day of the month.

2. mammography:
It was a test of the radiological breast, with minimal doses of x-rays. Women, aged over 40, should make use of mammography every year. If you see something suspicious on your breasts, or you have Your family in case of breast cancer, go to your doctor and build together a time when you have to start doing this investigation. Even if some diseases can’t detect with mammography, it is still an excellent method of diagnosis.

Treatment for breast cancer in women

The prognosis can decide taking several factors, such as age and health condition of patients, metastatic cancer, and the patient’s response to treatment is provided, into consideration. A beam of positive is that one can get fully cured if diagnosed and treated on time.

Chemotherapy is choosing to destroy cancer cells and limit their spread. Radiation can also be given to kill the dangerous network.

Lumpectomy, a surgical removal of the tumor, is also done actually to throw a lump from the breast. However, if the entire breast has been affected, then the patient may have to undergo a mastectomy or breast removal.

Modern approaches such as hormone therapy and biological therapy have come into existence to prevent the formation of cancer-triggering proteins. The choice of treatment is still experimental.

Five-year survival rate is 100%, provided it diagnosed and treated promptly. Unfortunately, the survival rate in stage 4 cancer reduced, as during this juncture cancer has fully metastasized throughout the body.