Brain Tumor Symptoms in Children

brain tumor symptoms in children
Brain tumor symptoms in children

A brain tumor can strike children and adults. However, in the article this time we will discuss how the early symptoms of brain tumor in children. By understanding and understand brain tumor symptoms in children, then you participate in protecting the family.

Nine brain tumor symptoms in children

1. Experience a terrific headache in intensity often

Often the child will complain of headaches that felt. A terrible problem, until the child could not get out of bed. This trouble marked with a pale face and red colored eyeballs. Also, it is not uncommon because feel dizzy, the child will feel nauseous.

2. Experiencing nausea and vomiting

The next brain tumor symptoms in children are nausea. It is emerging as the impact that the body undergoes a drastic change in conditions. Also, a terrible headache often also give rise to feelings of nausea against its victims. If the dizziness and nausea that lasts a long time, even accompanied by a high fever, then it’s good for soon checked fruit heart doctor. What if the greenish colored flooded.

3. The child looks often drop unexpectedly

When ran, even standing up, or do other physical activities, children often start a fall look. What if you frequently encounter in intensity that often. This as a sign that the child begins to lose her balance her body. The brain is the center of all human activity, so that in the case of an injury or a problem in the brain, then it will affect the body condition in performing the activity.

4. Children experience a decrease in vision drastically

The tumor cells in the brain over time will spread to other parts. Because the brain is the center of all the activity of the body, and the closest part of the body is the eye, then the spread of cancer cells in children will be marked with the child’s vision is impaired. As for signs of disorders of the eye are: The eyeball kid, not able to move in the direction of objects that follow a responsive move.
The next brain tumor symptoms in children are the addition of minus an eye within a very quick. The child’s eyes look cross-eyed, shows there is damage to the nerves of the eye to the brain. The child complained of blurred vision and even feel the dark though the room was filled with light.

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5. The motion capabilities of the child begins to diminish

The motion capabilities of the child begins to diminish. If you see your child very agile in a, but suddenly he was having difficulty moving his arms and legs, then you need to immediately contact a doctor. For more good if the child complains of pain in joints in quite a long period of time, then as an act of anticipation soon check with a doctor.

6. Child be often forgotten

With the presence of cancer cells that develop in the brain, brain conditions indirectly will join the affected. First, its ability in intelligence can also decreases the more widespread cancer cells.

7. Often lost consciousness

Tumor cells that spread to the brain affect the nervous system in the brain while the blood vessels in the brain. As a result, all parts of the brain not functioning optimally. The brain will experience a reduction in the intake of nutrients. As a result of a person who undergoes brain cancer does not cover possible will often have lost consciousness or fainting.

8. Children tend to be emotional

The next brain tumor symptoms in children are emotional. On the brain, there is a section that serves to regulate the emotions that is commonly known with the amygdala. When tumor cells spread to parts of the amygdala, then tumor may experience emotional disturbances and even experience a change in behavior.

9. Weight drastically reduced

Vertigo and nausea experienced by children will affect a decrease in appetite. So that the child will tend to be difficult to eat. Thus, the child’s condition will be increasingly weak, weight is reduced considerably, so that the child will be susceptible to the disease.

How To Prevent Brain tumor in children

Step Brain Tumor Treatment Is Medically Action anticipation of overcoming symptoms of blood cancer in children. When your kids are showing brain tumor symptoms in children, you don’t have to be panic. There are some actions you can take to prevent the spread of brain cancer:

1.Give preventive foods so that the body can form a child’s immune system so that it can inhibit the development of tumor cells. Also, the life expectancy of the child was also higher.

2. Create a fun atmosphere so that the body of the child was able to produce endorphin hormones so that the child’s immune system will increase and also give effect to calm the child.

3. Checks regularly to the doctor, to control the development of cancer cells so that they can take immediate action if at any time a child has decreased body condition.

4. Do chemotherapy and drug consumption as recommended by the doctor.

5. Protect children from things that can trigger the development of tumor cells, such as cigarette smoke and food containing preservatives.

With the faster action of anticipation is done, then the life expectancy of the child will be higher.