Botox Underarms Side Effects

There are only a little Botox underarms side effects. But, you will see only around areas where Botox injected. You may see swelling, redness, itching and bruise apart from a little pain around the area. Before you get the Botox injection you need to speak with your physician and make sure that you receive the right Botox treatment. It also used to prevent Botox underarms side effects.
Botox underarms side effects
Botox for underarms side effects
There are many cases that people cannot undergo bladder treatment option. Then, these people choose Botox treatments instead. Even if you suffer from uncontrolled urine leakage, you can talk to your physician about this treatment.

Some of the Botox underarms side effects include:

1. Swallowing, breathing, and speaking
According to the Botox specialist, the effect’s can be severe and result in loss of life. It is not advisable to get Botox injections if you’re having trouble swallowing.
2. Tissue weakness
Botox can cause muscle weakness and drowsiness. So, it is not recommended for people with the condition of the tissues or nerves problem.
3. Problems with vision
Possible problems of vision include double vision, dry eye, blurred vision, dizziness and swelling of the eyelids.
4. Allergic reaction
These Botox allergy include itching, rash, red stripes, itching, wheezing, asthma symptoms, and dizziness.
5. Interaction with other medicines
Combination Botox injection with medications can cause serious side effects. This includes prescription and herbal medicines. Then, consult a physician and disclose all medications before Botox for sweating injections.


Certain people experience serious Botox underarms side effects. This includes people with neuromuscular disorders such as myasthenia gravis and Lambert-Eaton syndrome. Patients who have severe reactions to Botox injections in the past not a good candidate for Botox injections.

Period of time

Botox injections only provide relief from excess sweating for about 5-6 months. Additional injections required for the treatment of underarm sweating. This means that patients have to deal with the side effects of Botox injections at least every 5-6 months. With the new injection, the patient may have the same reaction, or they can react in new ways to Botox injections.

Preventive action

Use a physician who has extensive experience with Botox injections in the armpit to reduces the Botox underarms side effects. To minimize discomfort during injection, a special numbing cream applied 30 minutes to an hour before the injection. Make sure the surface of the skin sterile before Botox injection to reduces the risk of infection.