Botox Side Effects on Brain

Botox side effects on brain
Botox side effects on brain

As effective as might seem Botox injection, the rich and famous is not without its downsides. Meanwhile, the Botox is FDA-approved cosmetic results still out on the effects of long-term use of Botox. The neurophysiologist give caution about long-term Botox side effects on brain, nervous system and muscles that are yet unknown.

Botox, as many of us know, is a derivative of the deadly botulism toxin. Meanwhile, the injection consists of the actual amounts of toxins, hazards can still occur. Botulism can cause paralysis of the muscles in a natural form of fatal and should treat with caution. While botulism toxin lethal there has never been a death associated with the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes.

Botox side effects on brain review

The evidence is strong for action botulinum on the sensor fewer neurons. This means that we still do not know what can happen from self-inflicted a prolonged facial paralysis. The journal also noted: animal experiments show that botulinum poison affects the transmission of afferent nerves. Also, the toxin” has shown to play a role in inhibiting the release of neurotransmitter. ” This is also exactly what is causing the Botox will be very effective. Botox cosmetic use of these side effects from botulism to isolate areas for the chosen muscle disorders.

A study found 25% of the patients seeking Botox treatment in a clinic has body dysmorphic disorder. Also, psychotherapy considered a more appropriate care for them rather than face a shot. But because of the Botox side effects on brain very rare with Botox, most doctors administering are willing to see more of this.

Botox side effects usually starting within the first week of the injection but can persist for several months. The typical side effects depending on where Botox cosmetic injected.

Botox side effects on brain signals from the hand

A study of Switzerland in humans find neurological effects have Botox. Researchers measured the electrical signals from the brain in human subjects before and after Botox treatment. Because facial expressions Activate different parts of the brain, it reduced the number of impulses sent to the brain and Botox side effects on brain increasing. As a result, the closest area to respond to input from the hand also became less active. Investigators concluded that a small loss of movement in the face due to Botox injections may affect the touch sensation in the hand. Further studies needed to determine whether other parts of the body affected as well.

Side effects of Botox on the brain and the ability to read facial expressions

Humans are able to detect what others feel with instinctive mimicking facial expressions. Because Botox paralyzes muscles of the face and blocking facial expression, it can reduce a person’s ability to read the emotions. The study found that subjects who had Botox injections less able to read other people’s emotions. Other studies even suggest that Botox makes it more difficult for someone to feel the emotions of their own.

The reaction of less frequent Botox including facial pain, redness at injection spot, Botox side effects on brain. Since the side effects are small and rarely long lasting, it considered non-surgical treatment that is very safe. Perhaps, this is the reason Botox has become the top-selling treatment for facial wrinkles. It’s not possible without danger, but it is still safer than surgery.