Botox Post Op Instructions


When compared to other cosmetic procedures, recovery steps after injecting Botox for jawline is quite easy and fast. Botox injected without anesthesia. After the procedure done, the patient can immediately return home. Side effects are generally very minimal if they do Botox post op instructions. Especially if the injection performed by an experienced expert.

botox post op instructions
Post op instructions after Botox

A large part of the appeal of Botox is the fact that it requires no downtime. With just a few Botox post op instructions, Botox patients can return to their normal activities after their therapy, which usually lasts less than one hour.

Here are 9 Botox post op instructions:

Step 1
Immediately after the procedure done, make sure to compresses an unused injection area with ice for at least 10 minutes. This procedure will prevent bruising and swelling.

Step 2
If need to use makeup, wear thin anyway. This is to minimize the reddish spots that may arise. Wear concealer will also help.

Step 3
The next Botox post op instructions are avoiding massage the injection area. Massaging can make Botox spreads so that it will paralyze the other muscles of the face. Wash your face gently and try sleeping in a prone position.

Step 4
Take the time to let the body recover completely and avoid heavy physical activity for at least 24 hours. Strenuous activity can lead to Botox to spread to other areas.

Step 5

Elevate or enforce acceptable head of at least 3 to 4 hours after injection given. Also, it can help avoid Botox is spreading to other areas.

Step 6
Talk to your doctor with regard to “face exercise” to test the muscles of the face. Facial exercises or tests necessary to ensure the face can still perform a variety of expression.

Step 7
Find out if there are any substances that should avoided. Then, discuss with the physician the various types of makeup, cleaners, and moisturizers that may or may not be used. However, it is to avoid infection and side effects that may arise.

Step 8
Find out the results of what you would expect as well as the evaluation of this after 24 hours. If not satisfied, it may take an extra 3 – 10 days to see the results. Each person reacts differently to the application of Botox. Don’t be too concerned if the results are not immediately apparent.

Step 9
Schedule with the doctor to meet again after the recovery is complete. The doctor will check whether the result under the original purpose or not.

The other Botox post op instructions:

1.Do not manipulate the Botox injection area for 3 hours after treatment.
2. Do not accept a laser treatment after Botox injections for at least 10 days.
3. Some providers believe that smiling and frowning right after Botox treatment helped Botox result. So, it is one of the Botox post op instructions.
4. Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment Botox. This will prevent the tracking of Botox into the orbit of your eyes and cause drooping eyelids.
5. Do not perform activities that involve straining or strenuous exercise for 6 hours after Botox treatment.