Botox Jaw Reduction Side Effects

Botox jaw reduction side effects
Botox for jaw reduction side effects

Botox jaw reduction is chosen by women to get the heart-shaped face. This treatment is a lot of favorable because it was done without having surgery. But before injecting Botox, you should learn first the Botox jaw reduction side effects.

Botox used to control muscle spasms, severe underarm sweating, and cosmetic improvements. Botox is already approved by the FDA for smoothing the lines between the eyebrows called glabellar line. But this treatment used unofficially for horizontal forehead lines, feet, a line in the corner of the mouth and jaw reduction.

Botox jaw reduction side effects

Although he could make the face becomes heart shaped and youthful. It does not mean Botox without the side effects. Here are some of the Botox jaw reduction side effects.

1. Allergic reaction

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then the most common Botox jaw reduction side effects is an allergic reaction. It can be characterized by itching, wheezing, asthma, rashes, red scars, and dizziness. It recommended consulting as soon as possible if you have breathing problems or feeling dizzy.

2. A Bruise and swelling

This is a direct Botox jaw reduction side effects, especially if you have sensitive skin. Mild or moderate pain may occur in conjunction with redness because of minor injuries to the soft skin tissue.

3. flu symptoms

The other most common Botox jaw reduction side effects is flu symptoms. This usually occurs a week after injection of Botox. This can be in the form of fever, headache, body aches, chills and runny nose.

4. A sinus infection

Some people get sinus infections after injections of Botox. Sinuses may swell and can cause recurrent headaches. The neck can also be strung together with a sinus infection.

7. Bronchitis and RESPIRATORY

This can occur in patients who treat muscle spasms. In patients with reduced lung function, Botox can cause difficulty breathing. Also, the treatment at the upper arm can lead to upper respiratory tract infections.

8. Reduce bone density

Botox injection into the jaw tissues determines you can’t bite down with the same strength. But the evidence appears that Botox jaw treatment can trigger a loss of bone density

Research in the animal shows very dramatic losses in bone density after Botox jaw reduction. Even after one single injection of Botox. The researchers found that after just four weeks, the bone in the area injected is a very ‘ dropped ‘. Then, 3 months later only a half of the bone has recovered.

How often should I do jaw reduction Botox to reduce side effects?

It recommended repeating the Botox jaw reduction every 4-5 months. If you wait more than 6 months more before going to the next session, your muscles will grow back to its original size, it will be back to square again. Thus, it is important to do so each month 4 in the first 2 years of Botox jaw reduction treatment!

Botulinum type can be injected into the center, the backward points, and lower Masseter muscles. Injection in front section avoided because of the possibility side effects of Botox jaw reduction like the asymmetrical smile. Then, the upper part of it also avoided for preventing jaw too concave.