Botox Injections for Muscle Pain

botox injections for muscle pain
Botox injections for muscle pain side effects

Botox injections for muscle pain are a common treatment option for a stiff and painful neck. In addition to neck pain, muscle spasms can cause headaches, upper back pain, and painful arm. Reduce the muscle spasms associated with neck pain is one of the main goals of therapy. When muscle relaxants not giving the desired benefits, Botox injections for muscle pain sometimes considered.

How does Botox injections for muscle pain work?

Usually, your brain sending electrical messages to the muscles so they can contract and move. Electric messages transmitted to the muscles by a substance called acetylcholine. Botox acts to block the release of Acetylcholine thereby and, as a result, the muscle cannot contract for accepting messages. This means that the stop muscle spasms after using Botox injections for muscle pain, provide a predictable and reliable relief of symptoms.

Botox is not a medicine. For many sufferers, however, the effect usually begin to disappear in a few days and the effects can last up to six months.

How Botox injections for muscle pain controlled?

Botox injected into the muscle. Your practitioner will decide which tissue needing therapy.

Does the treatment hurt?

The excellent needle used for injections one to three are usually given every tissue. Some patients reported mild and temporary discomfort after treatment.

When Botox injections for muscle pain starts working?

Typically, you will see the effects of Botox injections within three days. Maximum benefit achieved within two weeks.

How long Do the effects last?

Given the unique mechanism, Botox injections for muscle pain offer sustainable help during long-term therapy. You will feel relief from Botox injections usually maintain about four to six months.

You might notice the gradually fading impact. At this period, you will come to your specialist for further treatment and evaluation. Botox injections repeated in three to six months. The symptoms vary with all conditions, so the level of assistance of effect varies from person to person. Consult your practitioner, who have specialized knowledge about how to obtain the best results with Botox injections for the individual case.

How long will I be treated with Botox injections for muscle pain?

Treatment with Botox usually repeated indefinitely. Botox has used for many years across the world. Acceptable safety in long term therapy has established. There are a number of factors that can affect the long term use of Botox injections. These include:

1. setting appropriate expectations of changes that occur with next Botox injections for muscle pain may be less dramatic than the first injection.

2. inadequate dosing-change in the response require dose adjustment.

3. muscle fit options-identify the affected muscles and inject can be difficult, complicated by changes in the pattern of muscle involvement and the development of the disorder.

4. Decrease susceptibility to neurotoxic compound proteins. In appropriate situations, when a strange protein enters the body, the natural response is to form antibodies against the protein.

The frequent Botox therapy has connected to the development of antibodies. The chance of forming antibodies reduced by having Botox injections not more than every three months.