Botox in a Bottle Reviews

Injecting Botox, yes that’s the therapy more popular in the world of beauty now. Although early in its existence, Botox in a bottle invite controversy. But, now injecting Botox considered the most secure and convenient way to rejuvenate the skin.
Botox in a bottle
Botox in a bottle


What the hell actually injecting Botox?

Botox in a bottle is a chemical poison produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Clostridium botulinum found in meat, vegetables and canned food especially on already expired. When the poison is accidentally consumed by humans then it can damage the nervous system, muscles paralysis and even death.

How can Botox in a bottle be useful to the world of beauty?

In small doses, Botox is capable of relaxing the muscle in this facial. The wrinkle on the face closely related to facial expressions. Expressions this is long causes skin sags. In this case, the Botox was able to relax the small muscles that cause lines of this expression, resulting in smoother skin surface and not wrinkled.
Other muscles such as those used to raise eyebrows is not affected so that the normal expression can still be done. Botox isn’t going to make a rigid expression on your face. The Botox smoothes and will only work in the place you want. Botox can be used to:
1. Remove the line between the eyebrows
3. Remove a smile around the tip of the eye
4. Remove wrinkles on face and neck
5. Overcoming the excess sweating on the underarms, palms and feet

How long is the process of injecting?

Injecting 10-20 just takes a minute on an area that would like to be removed the line. Botox in a bottle works effectively and efficiently so it absorbed and seen the result after 2 hours. However the most recently will be achieved 2-5 days later and can survive more or less during the 3-6 months.
Now Botox in a bottle used because it’s practical. Simply inject Botox solution to some point face who want to therapy with the help of a tube syringe. The only obstacle is the issue being that costs are still expensive. Every single point of the face usually requires 2-4 units of Botox depending on needs.

Are there any side effects?

The usual side effects occur is brow ptosis that is upper eyelid can hang like a person to sleep on, but left only one to six weeks will be back to normal. With the development of science, then in case of side effects added Botox in a bottle in the upper part. So, the eyelids will be taken up again and will be back to normal again after one week.
So far, the Botox therapy proven to be safe enough. Botox has recognized by FDA and more than 60 countries already allow the use of Botox for health and beauty. The thing that is important is because it requires expertise. Also, injecting Botox should only be done by a doctor who has special training in Botox therapy.