Botox Hair Treatment Side Effects

Botox Hair Treatment Side Effects
Botox Hair Treatment Side Effects

What is Botox hair treatment side effects? During this time, Botox is commonly used to disguise the wrinkles caused by age. However, one method can also use to create the effect of fine hair. How about the advantage and disadvantage of Botox hair treatment.

This conclusion is drawn on the basis of the experience of the United Kingdom, a woman named Michelle. Michelle getting those results after doing various hair treatment for quite a long time.

Botox hair treatment side effects

There are many positive results from using Botox for hair. However, there are some side effects of hair Botox. Because formula designed to suit all hair types and has no harmful chemicals. There are no significant side effects that can occur in the use of Botox for the hair. Possible Botox hair treatment side effects are:

1. Allergic reactions
Some women may develop some allergies with a product that mixture used in the treatment process. Therefore, it recommended consulting a physician before choosing Botox hair. In addition, pregnant women should avoid this therapy since the chemicals, and the formulation may be dangerous to the developing infant.

2. Oily scalp
Keratin hair treatment is present in the hair for the Botox cause the scalp to turn the greasy hair. Make sure you get the treatments administered by a qualified professional only. Excessive oil in the scalp to happen because someone has to apply the product immediately on the scalp and not on the hair.

3. Not permanent

Botox hair sure is a great way to improve the texture and appearance of the hair, but the results are not permanent. You need to continue to get your hair touched up every three months. Botox hair lasts no more than the 3-4 Moon, depending on the type of shampoo and conditioner that you use regularly.

Until last April, Michelle went to a beauty clinic in London to do Botox injection into the skin of his head with cost around 400 pounds. However, Michelle finally trusts the beauty expert, who told him about the benefits and Botox hair treatment side effects that could make her the better.

Yes, the problem of hair “naughty” are the things that make many women feel uncomfortable, Michelle is one of them. He spent a lot of time to dry out, organize and straighten her hair.

How to tolerate side effects of Botox hair treatment?

Sometimes he had to bring a hair straightener to the workplace because it does not have time to arrange her hair. This state of affairs very troublesome for woman aged 43 this year. Any problems compounded because of the heat and humidity.

After Botox injections into the scalp, there is something remarkable. This filler blocks the nerves that control the sweat glands, this significantly reduces the curl in the hair. Michelle also does not have to be frequent shampooing as before. In addition, this also works to block the sweat glands that make hair more clean and fresh, so Michelle feels satisfied with the results. However, she knows the Botox hair treatment side effects and she can tolerate it.

In the next few months, he plans to repeat this procedure and will continue to do Botox hair treatment. So, in the foreseeable future even though she knows the possible side effects brought about this procedure.