Botox Hair Treatment for Curly Hair

Botox Hair Treatment for Curly Hair
Botox Hair Treatment for Curly Hair

Botox hair treatment for curly hair is work? Botox is familiar to us, usually heard Botox selected as part of the facial beauty treatments. It turns out there are the latest trends in the beauty world, namely Botox for the beauty of the hair.

Botox hair treatment for curly hair work

Botox is a compound made from botulinum toxin, a substance known to cause muscle paralysis. Botulinum used in very small amounts in order to reduce wrinkles on the face, reduce sweat, and reduce oil.

Well, for use on the hair, Botox will inject to the scalp to control the sweat glands and hair oils. The expectation of Botox hair treatment for curly hair is the hair will always look like a depleted in blow dry, making it look shinier and healthier. In addition, Botox can also help the growth of hair, so the hair will look thicker in a short time.

In the United States, Botox already a solution for those who have a problem with damaged hair and lazy linger splurging time to care for the hair. Botox believed to have a functioning protein content produces hair strands that laid out and provides extra humidity. Believe don’t believe ya, Girls.

If imaginable, somewhat spooky given we have to do the injections to the scalp. But some recognition of already tried it, everything for the sake of making the hair is always beautiful. Also, don’t bother to organize them any willing to go out of the House. According to our source the quotation, in the USA, the use of Botox hair treatment for curly hair is already in a secure claim to routinely performed as part of hair care.

Botox hair treatment for curly hair precautions

Keep in mind, Botox hair treatment for curly hair permanently alters the structure of the hair. Then, you should continue them or endure the growing-out period. They contain chemicals that damage so doesn’t consider one if your hair is already over processed. Tell your hairstylist everything you do your hair in the past two years. Bleach and hennas some don’t react with the chemicals in the solution of thermal reconditioning. Also, the colored hair may be too fragile to handle a relaxer, which is very rough.

But girls, whatever your choice is to care for the hair, be it naturally or instant, no doubt should always consider the security and long-term health. If you want something that will smooth your hair until your next hair treatment, the conditioner controls curly hair by returning the moisture. Work product from the roots to the ends, and put on a plastic shower cap for 10 minutes (it traps the heat from your scalp). Also, it helps penetrate the cuticle of the hair conditioner, then rinse the hair.

Every hairdresser I know recommends softening the constant for all types of curly hair, processed or not. This hair is often lack of moisture as if coming from the scalp. If you have curly hair moisture is your line of Defense first and last, make Botox hair treatment for curly hair your best friend.