Botox Hair Straightening

botox hair straightening
Botox for hair straightening

Have you got Botox hair straightening? Between styling with heated products, coloring it latest shades or try highlights and low lights, using heavy styling products and dealing with the weather, we can’t expect our key to keep it shiny and bouncy forever.

Innovation in the world of hairdressing today growing and progressing. Now, not only could face getting Botox treatment, hair can get Botox too.

Botox hair straightening treatment

Botox hair straightening treatment is the latest in the world of hairdressing. If Botox face useful for skin tightening, unlike Botox on the hair. The latest innovation is a function of it is to avoid damaged hair and can smooth out the hair.

As reported by the specialist, rejuvenation of the hair is a technology of the hair treatment salon in the United States. The way it works is, first of all, the hair cleaned with shampoo to have no oil at all.

Once the hair clean, the Botox applied to the entire section of hair. Wait up to 45 minutes, until the product absorbs. Once the hair has been absorbing the whole protein and antioxidants, hair back washed with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Botox hair straightening smoothes the hair can claim, make hair shine and free of tangles. Actually, ‘ the promise ‘ which given on the product is the same as treatment of Keratin, but Botox hair straightening can be very reliable to make the hair look perfect. Pull it again, the hair products and are free from formaldehyde, means no harmful gas content.

Botox hair straightening treatment benefits

Botox can work wonders for your hair. Look at the great benefits that you are sure to love.

1. Make hair more Manageable: your hair will team up with you. No more struggling to get the exact style you are looking for.
2. Makes hair soft: your hair will look and feel amazing. The damage will be almost nothing.
3. get rid of Split ends split ends once and for all. Your hair will be stronger than ever.
4. Stimulate hair growth: when your hair is healthier, easier to grow. Just be sure that you don’t let your head touch the skin care.

Botox hair straightening side effects

For the most part, Botox is very safe to improve the health of the hair. The most common side effect is the increase in oil production from the scalp. This usually occurs when Botox applied to the scalp instead of hair, so this avoided by proper application techniques.

As with most hair products, there is a risk for allergic reactions and irritations. If you happen to see the redness, burning or irritation of the scalp and hair stop using nano Botox hair straightening until you talk to a medical professional. Positive use of Botox hair straightening treatment definitely greater than the negative, as long as you use the product as intended and follow the instructions.