Botox Hair Straightening Side Effects

Botox Hair Straightening Side Effects
Botox Hair Straightening Side Effects

What is Botox hair straightening side effects? We are all hoping for straight and sleek hair strands that can be easily managed and style as desired. Not all of us, unfortunately, blessed with naturally straight hair. Although curly and wavy locks have a charm of its own, some prefer to straighten them. For them, the Botox hair straightening will seem a viable solution.

Botox hair treatment has a unique formula, based on the right combination of minerals in a certain amount. A special hair expert paste it on the scalp using a syringe, thus making all useful substances have the best possible effects. The hair built with small molecules that seal any gaps in its structure, what makes hair strong, straight and beautiful.
Botox straighten hair with the help of chemical-based straightening compounds will be good for your hair. Also, blow drying techniques not possible options best suited to your hair health. Therefore, it recommended that women come to terms with the Botox hair straightening side effects before opting for this procedure.

Botox hair straightening side effects

1. Hair dryers which often used to carry out the process of straightening are not limiting itself to drying the strands alone. They dried the root as well. This will eventually lead to strands of hair to become brittle and break. Therefore, you may end up losing the hair permanently.
2. Excessive use of Botox chemicals and blow dryers can even cause fine strands to burn completely.
3. Botox hair straightening side effects exercise’s success depends on how well the process is running. Also, the use of protective compounds for the process. For example, if the proper heat protector before straightening process is not applied and the work that is being done by a novice, the possibility of permanent damage to the cuticle. Cuticle damage will not only cause permanent loss of strands but also lack of regrowth.
4. Botox hair straightening can cause split ends. This happens because of the chemicals used in the process of straightening hair.
5. Agent-based chemical straightening can also result is hair texture change permanently. Therefore, you may not be able to return healthy natural hair strands.

6. Allergies associated with Botox hair straightening techniques are also very common.

7. Hair loss is also one of the most common Botox hair straightening side effects. Also, it could be worse. People who experience hair fall using poor quality engineering and chemical hair straightener is not appropriate. Also, this process leads to the breaking of the hair from the root. Hair follicles grow weak and hair start to fall.
Botox hair straightening side effects actually cause serious problems. In fact, such efforts styling mentioned above can leave you with no hair at all, especially if you overdo it! Therefore, it is essential that you keep your natural remedies for experience safer and better.
Natural ways to straighten your hair will not only assist in helping smooth your curls. Also, it keeps them lean on it as you please but also in making sure that the strands of your hair healthy. Make sure that you consult with a certified hair specialist before using any new product on your hair.