Botox for Tension Headaches Reviews

Botox for Tension Headaches
Botox for tension headaches treatment

Have you use Botox for tension headaches? There are many arguments about using Botox to relieve a tension headache. Read on to learn more about this issue. The Botox has used for several years. It used to eliminate wrinkles and lines for a brief period of time, with only injecting in specific areas, such as the forehead.

Botox has proven to treat some types of neurological diseases. It recently has assessed for the treatment of a tension headache in patients. However, the study randomized, placebo-controlled present contradictory results for efficacy of botulinum toxin. Based on this data, more controlled type of Botox needed to check the effect on tension headaches.

How to get Botox for tension headaches

Not everyone is eligible for Botox treatments. Types of patients who are not suitable for this include:

1. Patients with neuromuscular diseases
2. myopathic disease patient
3. Pregnant women

For others, the criteria to qualify for Botox for tension headaches

1. If you have tried the other alternative or has produced severe side effects.

2. If Botox will prove more effective than your normal prescription.

3. If Your nerves recommended and will confirm that:

a.) You have chronic headaches, with your headache occurs during the first six months ago,
b.) You have a headache episode 13 or more per month, and
c.) You have tried and failed to respond to all other types of headache medication, including antidepressants.
d.) If you have a Parkinson’s, your first step is to get your healthcare providers beyond the board as your supporters.

How does Botox for tension headaches work?

When Botox injected into the muscle. It is crippling it by preventing the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This part responsible for the contraction of the muscles. And the best thing about Botox is that it is very easy and quick to apply, one session was enough to get a good result.

The side effects of reducing tension headaches that many patients suffer have decreased. Patients who undergo several sessions to see how their tension headaches disappear. Although doctors are reluctant to accept it at first, then they came to the conclusion that since the Botox relaxes muscles of the neck.

Word spread quickly, and people have asking Botox for tension headaches. Although it was not intended to treat tension headaches, the doctor applies to patients who need to treat their tension headaches.

Disadvantages of using Botox for tension headaches

Apply the Botox to treat tension headaches can have some bad effects if treated by inexperience doctor, such as droopy eyelids. Remember that the injection goes to the muscles, and do not enter the bloodstream.

The other tips

Botox is FDA approved, but only a doctor can apply it. Also, if you want to use it for your headache, you will need to see your physician before getting Botox. You need to find out the cause of your tension headache. Also, Botox is not cheap, and you need to consider if your tension headaches are worth the expensive Botox injections. But the good thing is, Botox has almost no side effects, such as those used to remove forehead lines over the years.