Botox for slimming face

botox for slimming face
Botox for face slimming before and after

Botox for slimming face is a technique that gives patients an oval face or form V in a slimmer profile. A common treatment provides individual look more youthful. Also, the skin will appear rejuvenated and healthy.

What is the Botox for slimming face procedure?

Chubby cheeks can lower the confidence level because it makes your appearance looks fat. Cheek from someone who is obese may be caused because the muscles is a form of large bones. When the cause of the muscle of the cheek fat because chewers that look great. Then, the Botox for slimming face useful for relaxation and jaw reduction.

This treatment is perfect for:
1. Square-shaped jaw
2. The jaw is more masculine in nature
3. Chubby Cheeks
4. Cheeks appeared “Slims”
Those who want to reduce involuntary tooth grinding

How does Botox for slimming face works?

Botox acts as a relaxant for muscles of the jaw, encourage relaxation. Also, thins the muscles of masseter in the jaw laterally. Botox injection will block the tissue movements of the muscles in your injection area. Then, it will reduce fine lines and wrinkles while ensuring your full visible cheekbones and facelift. It also helps to refresh your overall appearance, giving you more durable face shave years off your age.

This Botox injections for face slimming also suitable for people who are afraid of or don’t want to choose surgical methods. It consists of a few simple injections to selected regions, with numbing cream applied before treatment to reduce pain. The smallest and best needles used to inject Botox, minimizing any redness, bruising or bleeding in the skin of the face.

The key is to inject botulinum toxin to the face, to the part that will be slimmed. Within a week, once a Botox for slimming face, the results are already visible. However, the results are not permanent because injecting Botox only last for 6 months.

Botox for slimming face side effect

Side effects that may occur at the injection of Botox are difficulty when chewing food. It because of the muscles of the cheeks feel stiff and weak. There are no contraindications in the care of Botox for slimming face. It except when prior to injecting Botox then drinking blood-thinning medications or Vitamin E to drink.

Repairs will begin to show after 3-5 day, and your skin will appear smooth as oval-or V-shape are just beginning to form. As the treatment only affects the muscles of the injected face. Then, the other muscles continue to function as usual.

Botox for slimming face maintenance

The effects of Botox on your face can take up to 3-4 months after initial treatment. But another session required to maintain your youthful appearance. After a few Botox for slimming face have completed. Then, the future sessions may be necessary only once in 6 months as the effect will start to last longer. The Botox specialist will advise you on the initial and subsequent treatments if needed. Also, the schedule an appointment 2 weeks after initial treatment to measure the progress.