Botox for Migraines Side Effects

botox for migraines side effects
Botox for migraines side effects

What is Botox for migraines side effects? Botulinum toxin has known by the name of commercial Botox, no longer used only by aging film and television celebrities who want to sport a more youthful appearance. Botox also used to treat bruxism and for wound healing therapies, but one of the most interesting uses of this neurotoxin involves chronic neurological disorders known as migraines.The use of BOTOX in the therapy of migraines approved by FDA in 2010.

It is very important for migraine sufferers to be careful with Botox for migraines side effects. Botulinum toxin can even used in biological weapons of mass destruction, but most migraine patients enjoy therapeutic effects of Botox without having to worry about side effects.

The use of Botox for Migraine Relief

Botox administered through injection. The recommended therapy for migraine patients was 30 injections applied to trigger the following points:
The forehead
Back of the head
Upper back
The bridge of the nose
A needle used to inject Botox is very small. The Essence itself does not hurt as it enters the skin, even though many patients feel discomfort when the needle penetrates the skin. Botox therapy session takes less than 20 minutes.

Does Botox work for all types of migraines?

It is not. With the injection of botulinum toxin recommended for patients who do not respond well to oral drugs when pain occurs. With the injection of botulinum toxin into the choice of therapy when patients have tried the two groups of medications and the headaches still persistent and severe enough interfere with daily life.

Botox not recommended for all migraine patients. The FDA did not recommend a neurotoxin therapy for patients suffering from migraines less than 14 days a month. Therefore, Botox recommended for chronic conditions of a migraine. Not all people will experience immediate relief; in fact, many patients did not improve until their second therapy. Botox migraine therapy sessions usually scheduled for 12 weeks. Patients who do not feel improvements after their third session probably will not respond to further treatment.

Potential Botox for migraines side effects

Injection of Botox that normally a safe procedure with a few side-effects at the doses that we use. However, there is the risk of a little pain and bruising at the place of injection. If excessive amounts of poison administered can lead to the weakening of the tissues that have been injected into the muscle, or in its vicinity.

The pain and stiffness of muscle tissue are the most common Botox for migraines side effects, especially those given at the top of the back and neck. The reason for this stiffness and pain is that Botox weakened muscles that penetrate, and thus unconcerned muscles around the injection must compensate the weakness.

Another Botox for migraines side effects is ptosis, which is a condition that causes the eyelids to droop. However, it is not uncommon such as pain and stiffness. The other Botox for migraines side effects include:
Flu symptoms
Double vision
Dry eye

It is important to remember that Botox also used by some scientists to assess their patients likely to benefit from a more permanent solution such as migraine surgery.