Botox for Migraines Injection Sites

botox injection sites for migraines
Botox injection sites for migraines diagram

Decide whether people should see Botox injections as a way to treat migraines begin with a diagnosis of migraine condition. Typically, 14 or more days in every month affected of migraine headaches and their symptoms lead to migraine diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has made by medical professionals, the patient will try many treatments before trying Botox injections. Patients and specialist will discuss the option of Botox, and the Botox for migraines injection sites decide between them if this method is the best choice available.

Botox for migraines injection

During the procedure, a small amount of Botox injected in a maintenance room at various Botox for migraines injection sites with the help of a fine needle. The method of the Botox treatment is the same for all conditions. Botox injected at multiple Botox for migraines injection sites for the treatment of migraines as well.

Here we will come to know about this Botox for migraines injection sites, but it is critical to know that migraine sufferers have several trigger points for this situation. The most common of these trigger points is the Occipital region and bilateral sub head. According to the study, the monthly amount of the crisis and the duration of migraines in a year all related to one another.

Botox for migraines injection sites

When it comes to Botox for migraines injection sites, there are seven main areas in which a small amount of Botox injected in multiple sites. The number of Botox injections used for the therapy of migraines was 31. Here some sites to inject the Botox.

1. In the area of the forehead โ€“ 7 Botox injections given in this area.
2. On the side of the head above the ear โ€“ 4 Botox injections performed each side of the head.
3. In the back of the head- 6 injections of Botox, given in the area.
4. On the back of the scalp only near the neck-4 injections given here.
5. In the state of the neck and shoulders โ€“ 3 Botox injections given each side.

The sites have given above where the injected Botox as a migraine remedy but the dangerous procedure needs a specialist in there. If you are considering Botox treatments for migraines, you should consult with a physician who encountered for this purpose due to determine the right number and Botox for migraines injection sites are critical to getting the best results.

Side effects of Botox for migraines injection

Side effects of Botox injections include inflammation in place of injections that can last a few days. If given in the neck, neck muscle weakness may notice but usually not severe. The success rate with Botox for migraines injections have been reported as high as 76%, but many see about a clinical success rate of 49%.

Given 3-5 injections every month depending on the subject and how quickly the first set began to diminish. Many insurance companies are starting to pay for Botox injections for migraines, so check if you qualify to get that. Botox does not heal a headache. Like many other medications for migraines, other media offering Botox for migraine management. If successful, the Botox may allow you to reduce, and possibly eliminate your other headaches. Then, talk to your Botox specialist, ask for a referral to the headache center to find out more about Botox injections for migraines.