Botox for Lip Lines


Did you ever get Botox for lip lines? The most common wrinkles treated in the area of perioral is a line of lipstick, marionette lines, and brackets. Line etch small lips and mouth Area may extend the vertical wrinkles of the lips are generally referred to as lipstick line. These lines can cause bleeding lipstick, which is how they have come to be called lipstick lines.

Botox for lip lines
Botox cosmetic for lip lines

Botox for lip lines

In this section, we will discuss how doctors use Botox for lip lines to improve the various wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

1. Lipstick lines

Line etch from the top or bottom lip called lipstick lines or line of smokers. The lines are more prevalent in the upper lip. While they are sometimes called the line of smokers, most individuals develop lines for reasons other than Smoking. The line was a result of the loss of volume that occurs with age, along with the repeated leaf tissues from muscle activity. These lines can contribute to lipstick bleeding, hence the name Lipstick line.

Doctors usually treat the line advanced dermal fillers with Botox for lip lines or a combination of both. The depth and breadth of line wrinkles will influence treatment modalities. It is very common for the use of Botox for lip lines in spite of the depth of the line. Botox injection will have some positive effects on the line from time to time.

First, Botox will help relax the lines, which tend to eliminate the more permanent etching may occur. Second, Botox for lip lines will help extend the longevity of the dermal fillers.

2. Oral Commissure

The area on the corner of the mouth where the upper lip meets the bottom lip called oral commissure. Oral Commissures usually undergo depression gradually over time. In many individuals, depression contributes to the formation of wrinkles and lines. In other cases, the oral commissure line may be a fan of the angle of the mouth.

Line the oral commissure is almost always treated with Botox for lip lines. In the case where the individual has not developed further in lines or folds. Then, many doctors will put fillers such as Juvederm dermal or Restylane on down the line.

In some cases, Botox for lip lines also used to help reduce lines of oral commissure. Botox injected properly, give a subtle improvement in the appearance of oral commissure lines and lip position. Placement of Botox for oral commissure correction varies from one patient to other patients. It is depending on the particular characteristics of the patient.

Fillers or Botox for lip lines

Botox for lip lines placed in the Depressor Anguli Oris muscle to help lift the corners of the mouth. This alleviates some of the depression the oral commissure. Botox cosmetic injection placed in the genesis of muscular mentalis for those who express themselves with excessive movement of the Chin. This can help to relax some of the lines around the mouth and Chin.

Like many other aesthetic procedures with liquid face lift products. It is important that a physician has extensive experience with Botox for lip lines procedures. For example, if Botox placed in the Polar nature of the depressor Anguli Oris, patients may experience a disability. Among physicians with extensive experience, the likelihood of this occurring remote.