Botox For Eye Lift

Botox for eye lift
Botox for an eye lift

Many women like to experience the results of brow lift but were reluctant to undergo the operation. For the patients who just wants a smooth result, Botox for eye lift may be just the thing. Appointment of specialist gave the patients a renewed, younger appearance without trauma or recovery time of surgery.

What is a Botox for eye lift?

Botox for eye lift while stopping the muscles from contracting, could be injected into locations that are very specific in the face to achieve the desired results. For example, when injected into the muscles underlying wrinkles, no longer contracts, causing the line to relax and smooth out. So when patients seeking Botox to lift eyebrows, Specialist inject Neuromodulator to the specified location carefully to achieve the effect of raising and slightly eyebrows.

Knowing how Botox for eye lift is working, there are muscles around the eyes and eyebrows that perform the opposite function. The muscles that are pulling down on the eyebrows are the ones that authority will target with the injection. When the neuromodulator injected and stopped the contractions of the muscles that are pulling down, the face a smoother ride.

Results of Botox for eye lift adoption smoother than the surgical results and very natural looking. The temporary result, as with all of the neuromodulator procedure. Please inject again when the results reduce in 4-6 months.

Botox for eye lift

Botox for eye lift can combine with other injection treatment in what is known as “liquid face lift.” A liquid face lift involves the use of neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport in conjunction with facial filler Juvederm and Perlane for achieving results the case of the face lift. For example, the patient would like to brighten up the eye area may want to have the appointment of Juvederm injections as well as a Botox for eye lift to fill the Hollows under the eyes. This combination will lead to more durable, eager eyes and brow area that can take years of patient’s overall appearance. Discuss the possibility of a liquid face lift with the specialist during your consultation

Botox for eye lift procedures:

The insensitivity of the skin is quite normal and will disappear in a month. To keep the growth down the head should kept elevated and still for a few days. Remove Drain pipes and bandages after one to five days.

Instructions after Botox for eye lift:

Take it lightly for the first week after surgery such as your skin will be soft and numb. Be gentle with your hair and your face. Avoid strenuous activity that included heavy homework for two weeks. Avoid steam bath and sauna for a few months. Get plenty of rest, let the body heal.

Have a Botox for eye lift didn’t stop the time. Your face will continue to age with time. You will repeat the procedure one or more times after five or ten years down the line. But the effects continue to look greater.