Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits

Blue Tansy essential oil benefits
Blue Tansy Essential Oil benefits for skin

What are the blue tansy essential oil benefits? Often also known as Moroccan Tansy or Moroccan Chamomile essential oil. It usually grew in Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. As the name suggests, these products have a distinctive blue color display and the active content of azulene. Concentrated blue owned this essential oil comes by the process of distillation. Blue Tansy oil used as a natural dye for skin care products and the plural found as one obstetrician in the high-end beauty products. Hmm, what are the benefits of this product?

Blue Tansy essential oil benefits

1.Blue Tansy essential oil benefits as Aromatherapy

Blue Tansy Essential Oil has the scent of herbs and sweet which believed capable of calming the mind. Essential oils also contain a sabinene is antiseptic and can kill pathogenic or parasitic microorganisms in the air. Also, this product is effective to help solve the mucus in the respiratory tract, so the process of breathing is much more smoothly.

Relaxation effects this essential oil has proven to relieve stress, anxiety, even depression. You can take advantage of Blue Tansy Oil as aromatherapy using the diffuser. Do simply squirt Blue Tansy Oil as much as 2-3 drops, and then breathe in the aroma a few times before slowly spread throughout the room.

2. Anti-inflammatory and a wide range of skin problems

Inflammation is the swelling that occurs in the skin, which could cause acne and other skin problems. For those of you who have acne-prone skin types, Blue Tansy essential oil benefits to relieve inflammation. This happens because Blue Tansy Oil contains Azulene which serves as an anti-inflammatory. Also, it helps reduce the redness on the face.

In addition to the common problems such as acne, this product can be used by those who have the problem of eczema or dermatitis. Also, anti-inflammatory benefits in these products also help the healing of muscle pain, as well as reduce pain after exercise. You can use it as an aromatherapy uses the diffuser or by mixing with the carrier oil before applying to the skin.

3. Relieve Allergies

Allergy problems need extra attention, especially when you can not find the cause of the allergy. In the face of these conditions, you can try Blue Tansy Essential Oil. The essential oil has a very useful camphor content to relieve allergies. You can combine it together with Lavender, Peppermint or Eucalyptus essential oil. Blue Tansy essential oil benefits in helping neutralize and stop the production of histamine. The function to reduce the skin’s reaction to allergens that cause rashes. Applied in areas of skin that appear reddened and itchy and let some of the time.

4. Damming and nourish facial skin

Not only the benefits for health, and healing various skin problems, Blue Tansy Oil is also used as content in high-end skin care products. Because of this essential oil content can be used by the owner’s sensitive skin, and gives the effect of hydrating is good for the skin. Blue Tansy Oil claimed to be able to overcome the problem of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and wrinkles on the face.

5. Blue Tansy essential oil benefits as Anti Fungal and bacterial
Tansy Blue Oil

This essential oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial that can help prevent mold. This mold will cause infection in the skin of the face, scalp, and nails. With Alpha Phellandrene and Beta-Pinene, which functions as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungus. So this type of essential oil is quite effective in curing burns and wounds due to insect bites.

But always remember to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil before it applied directly to the skin. This needs to be done considering the essential oil has a high concentration level can give bad effect on the skin if applied without solvent oil.