Bladder Cancer Symptoms in Women

bladder cancer symptoms in women
Bladder cancer symptoms in women

In women, the bladder is a gland that stores urine until it expelled from the body. This urine may contain toxic at times, which can trigger the bladder cancer in women. Other factors responsible for cancer in the bladder is urinary tract infection, and also because the parasitic infection called schistosomiasis. Therefore, to prevent unnecessary complications in women, it is important to be aware of the bladder cancer symptoms in women

Bladder cancer symptoms in women

For unknown reasons, there was a higher incidence of bladder cyst in men compared to women. But the symptoms are almost the same. However, signs may vary according to the size, type, and the spread of the disease. Early signs may be mild and often overlooked.

One of the first bladder cancer symptoms in women exhibited are traces of blood in the urine, accompanied by pain, and burning sensation, while relieving yourself. This state is known as hematuria and can observe as one of the bladder cancer symptoms in women there may be abdominal pain, which can spread to other parts of the body.

Sometimes pain and discomfort may be so intense that it becomes difficult to move around. Some individuals may suffer from incontinence, and may also need to urinate often. Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss are some of the other common signs of bladder tumors.

Diagnosis of bladder cancer symptoms in women

1. your doctor may first test a sample of your urine to detect the possible infection and the presence of blood. He may suggest you undergo cystoscopy to determine any abnormalities in the urinary bladder.

2. A urogram, also known as intravenous pyelogram, can also used to diagnose cancer. In particular, the type of dye urogram injected into the patient, then removed from the blood by the kidneys. The dye is then examined through x-ray scans to detect any abnormalities.

3. along with the techniques mentioned above, CT scans MRI scans, and some of the other technologies, such as ULTRASOUND Imaging-based tests of urine and also used for diagnosing this cancer.

Four types of bladder cancer:

Papilloma Urothelial
-Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma
-Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma of the lower level

Treatment options for bladder cancer symptoms in women

1.The topic for patients with bladder cancer in early stages, trans urethral resection (TUR) can use depending on various factors. In this technique, diseases on the walls of the bladder removed using a resectoscope.

2. Point surgery, also known as Ovarian Cystectomy, used to remove the infected part of the bladder or the entire bladder from the body. The removed organs in women include bladder, uterus and also some parts of the anterior wall of the vagina.

3. A point such as other kinds of cancer, the bladder cancer can also treat with the use of surgery, hormone therapy, radiotherapy, medication, chemotherapy, nutritional therapy, etc.

4. Point medication can use to destroy cells infected with the left and help patients return to power after surgery. The type and combination of different healing options to be followed will determine by the physician based on the stage of the bladder cancer and related complexity.

However, there are certain side effects of various interventions, such as the choice of the destruction of cells of uninfected after radiotherapy, patients may experience sluggishness because of powerful medicines, etc. Therefore, it is essential to pay proper attention to the patient’s diet and take proper medication after cancer treatment. Patients advised to undergo therapy in bladder reconstruction after removal of the infected bladder.