Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Men

bipolar disorder symptoms in men
Bipolar disorder symptoms in men

A mental condition known as bipolar disorder afflicts on average one person in every 40 people. This condition is a State of mind where people have elevated and depressed or manic state that interferes with a person’s daily functioning. Like all people do not experience the same bipolar disorder symptoms in men because of that it is often difficult to diagnose and often left untreated.

In some cases the State of depressed clearer and longer while in other cases the State’s Manic uttered. Initially, this country often diagnosed as cases of unipolar depression. Most of the patient’s disorder begins in infancy or early years of adulthood. The various bipolar disorder symptoms in men are as follows.

Here is some experience of bipolar disorder symptoms in men: persistent sadness, guilt, anxiety, isolation, anger, despair, and fatigue. Besides that, disturbances in appetite and sleep patterns, loss of interest in activities that otherwise he is enjoying also known as bipolar disorder symptoms in men.

The other bipolar disorder symptoms in men

problems of concentration
self-hatred, loneliness
loss of motivation

In the case of cruel bipolar man can become psychotic where he may start hallucinating or having delusions. Then, an episode of depression may continue for two weeks at a stretch, or if left untreated May persist for months.

The bipolar disorder symptoms in men of manic episodes

Mania is the main symptom of this disease varies from unipolar depression. This stage is usually characterized by a State of mind or more appropriately called euphoria elevated. There is a decrease in sleep patterns; some individuals require only 3-4 hours of sleep in a day while some may go completely without sleep for days at a time. People are easily distracted, and his attention span is very less.

Other significant bipolar disorder symptoms in men may become impaired judgment like anyone can spend freely without thought or indulge in behavior that is not right for that person. Feeling grandest and euphoria marked, and patients may be very talkative. Some aggressive behavior can also see in the individual.

Some people experience that they are more productive during periods of hypomania. The big difficulty with this situation is that patients feel well and usually deny that there is something wrong. In some cases and symptoms of manic depression occur side by side. This condition is known as the State mixture. The mixed state is the most challenging and dangerous period in which other complications may also develop.

There are many types of medications that a sufferer bipolar disorder can be prescribed by doctors but by far the most common and safest form of natural medicines. These include meditation, herbs, aromatherapy, light therapy and treatment of crystals.

Causes of bipolar disorder symptoms in men

An imbalance in the secretion of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin may lead to suffering depressive and manic episodes. Head trauma, the death of a loved one or the existence of a terminal disease increases susceptibility to bipolar disorder. Bipolar disease has a genetic cause and therefore tend to run in families

Treatment of bipolar disorder symptoms in men

Neuroleptic, stabilizers and antipsychotic used to treat mania and mixed episodes
Antidepressants are used to deal with the symptoms of depression
Family therapy, psycho-education, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to coach people about the circumstances and symptoms as well as for behavior modification
In extreme cases of bipolar disorder, ECT may utilize as a treatment procedure