Benefits of Snake Fruit

benefits of snake fruit
Health benefits of snake fruit

What are the benefits of snake fruit? Snake fruit or salak fruit is one of the exotic fruit of course already familiar in the tropics. Fruit skin deep has small scales and sharp like this snake scales. Also, it has a sour taste sweet with fruit seed sizes large enough in it. Roughly, what kind of nutrition of snake fruit?

The content of substances and nutrients in snake fruit

Regardless of the taste and the unique shape was benefits of snake fruit is pretty much. Consuming 100 grams of snake fruit, you can get as much nutrition as well:

3.9 mg iron
0.2 mg Vitamin B2
8.4 mg of Vitamin C
12.1 g carbohydrates
38 mg Calcium
18 mg of phosphorus
0.8 g of Protein,
0.4 g Total fat
And 0.3 mg of total dietary fiber

Health Benefits of snake fruit

1. The cure for diarrhea

Snake fruit is famous for its usefulness in addressing diarrhea. In addition to the guava fruits, snake fruit based on the content of its nutrition value believed to cure diarrhea. With deposits of a substance called tannins, make this fruit used for the treatment of diarrhea. Also, a high fiber content of snake fruit can treat diarrhea.

2. Benefits of snake fruit for pregnant women

Snake fruit is also good consumed by pregnant women, who experience morning sickness. Choose the menu food to the intake of pregnant women should not be done in vain. For young pregnant women, most of them hit by morning sickness or nausea feeling in the morning. To treat this, often people use snake fruit.

3. Benefits of Snake Fruit to your Diet

The content of phytonutrients in snake fruit is very useful for a diet program. High fiber content found on snake fruit is very useful for you to lose weight or diet. In addition, there is a 2mg of Vitamin C at snake fruit.

4. The benefits of snake fruit skin for Diabetes

Snake fruit skin contains nice active elements for treating Diabetes. The active element of the overall working simultaneously on the body of the sufferer to cure diabetes. Here are a few of the elements that contained within the skin of the snake fruit which helps to heal the disease of diabetes are:

* Ferulic Acid and Proline; a compound which produces collagen and elastin.
* Cinnamic acid derivatives; compounds that encourage the regeneration of epithelial cells
* The above substances played an important role in the improvement process of the pancreas in people with type 1 diabetes
* Pterostilbene; This compound is a substance antidiabetic and direct role in lowering sugar levels in the blood

5. Benefits of Snake fruit for beauty skin

Benefits of Snake fruit
Benefits of Snake fruit

Snake fruit contains antioxidants, so beneficial to prevent premature aging. Vitamin C contained in snake fruit is very important for the beauty of the skin. Which can help in eliminating free radicals and prevents premature aging naturally.

6. Digestion health

Snake fruit has rich content such as beta-carotene, tannin and mineral fibers. It is very useful to preserve the health of the stomach with digestives. During this time we know that if too many consume snake can lead to constipation.

7. The Preventive Cancer

Substances contained in snake fruit believed good to prevent cancer.

8. Benefits of Salak Fruit For eye health

Vitamin A at snake fruit can maintain the health of your eyes.

9. Benefits of Snake Fruit For Immune

Snake fruit is also beneficial for improving the immune system of our body. The content of vitamin C in the snake fruit boost body’s immune against various diseases that attack our bodies

10. The benefits For Healthy Brain

Based on the results of the research, the snake fruit good to improve brain performance. So, if you want to have the healthier brain, eat snake fruit.

11. The benefits of snake fruit for the Stamina of the body

As with any other fruit, it has a wide range of benefits which is great for the health. Calcium contained in snake fruit also helpful to maintain the stamina of the body to keep it stable.

12. The antioxidant

Snake fruit contains antioxidants that very necessary for our bodies. Also, the beneficial antioxidant to prevent various diseases and free radicals that attack our body.

13. The benefits of snake fruit to cure Anemia

Snake fruit is also beneficial to overcome anemia, this is because of the content of thiamine. Iron became one of the important actors in producing red blood cells. Pregnant women need a red blood cell is higher because it used to give oxygen through the placenta on fetal. Lack of oxygen would be very dangerous for the life of the fetus and the pregnant woman.

15. The benefits of Snake Fruit for a healthy heart

Potassium content in snake fruit is beneficial for maintaining heart health. However, enough number of potassium needed by the body.

16. The benefits of snake fruit for healthy bones

Snake fruit contains beneficial calcium to maintain bone health, specifically for pregnant women. In addition, calcium is also needed by expectant mothers to prepare for a body in the birth.